7 Best 4000 Size Saltwater Spinning Reels-Buy With A Brilliant Buying Guide!

Are you an inshore angler to catch king salmon, bluefish, tarpon, and snook? And if you love casting spinning lures, a saltwater reel is the most reliable tool. A spinning reel is a great combo with a saltwater fishing rod. However, quality matters with saltwater fishing spinning reels.

Don’t worry! The day is for you to find the best 4000 size saltwater spinning reels with us. We will let you explore the 7 best 4000 size spinning reels along with a bluff buying guide. I hope your next choice is here.

Best Saltwater Spinning Reel

We wish you were confident in your every purchase. Therefore, we have conducted a comparison among the items. And of course, you will get an editor’s choice to compare with yours.

No more words! Let’s read the review to fix the right choice.

What Does Make A Good 4000 Size Saltwater Spinning Reel?

The 4000 or 40 spinning reels are medium fishing reels that work well inshore saltwater. You can install the medium-sized spinning reels with 7 or 8-feet fishing rods. The particular reel size is suitable for targeting mid-sized fishing species. Let’s learn what properties have made the 4000 sizes good for saltwater fishing.

Drag Adjustment

Most 4000 size spinning reels are reliable with the proper drag adjustment. It allows you to target mid-sized species: redfish, catfish, bluefish, tarpon, and salmon. The well-adjusted drag management lets the reel size eliminate frictions and prevent line breaking.

Drag Adjustment

Therefore, decent drag management has made the 4000 size spinning reel splendid for saltwater fishing. It offers you a smooth fishing experience of the medium species.

Reel Bail

The 4000 size spinning reels come with reliable bails for the perfect casting and retrieving. A bail works as a gate of reel line. It lets you release the fishing line and retrieve it back on the reel spool. Most manufacturers design their reel with heavy-duty bails to ensure hassle-free control over the fishing lines.

Line Spool

The lighter and stronger reel spools have made the 4000 size spinning reels good for saltwater fishing. Undoubtedly, the spool is one of the most important parts of a fishing reel that holds a line. Most brands develop their reel spools with anodized aluminum and graphite materials. Therefore the reel spool becomes lighter and smoother to eliminate corrosive line effects.


You cannot think of a complete reel body without a handle. The reel handle lets you cast and retrieve the fishing line. Most reel designers design the reel handle as round or T- bar-shaped. You can find both the left or right-handed handles with 4000 size spinning reels. However, never compromise with a comfortable and durable reel handle.

Anti-reverse Switch

The anti-reverse switch works well with a 4000 size spinning reel for fishing medium species. It usually remains at the bottom of a reel and prevents line from reversing while fighting fish. You can be free from line tension using the anti-reverse switch rather than the drag. However, an anti-reverse switch is suitable for catching small or medium fish.

Anti-reverse Switch

Reel foot

The reel foot is the key connector between the fishing rod and the reel body. It is important to install the reel on the rod. A well-shaped reel foot is essential to ensure proper settings with the rod body. Most 4000 medium spinning reels come with rectangular-shaped seats for the proper placement.

A good-quality fishing reel must have graphite or aluminum-made foot for durable operations. It makes a reel foot lighter, smoother, and stronger for the perfect fishing experience.

Reel Frame

Body refers to the overall construction with all components. A reel body is the main part that consists of a foot, support arm, gearbox housing, and many more. The size and weight defer from one model to another. Most companies build their spinning reels with graphite and aluminum materials.

However, most anglers prefer the 4000 graphite spinning reels for corrosive saltwater fishing. It offers you a durable and comfortable inshore fishing experience.

Spinning Reel Frame

In a nutshell, most fishing reels of any size, like small, medium, and large, consist of almost the same components. But the quality and durability issues are the main concerns to choosing a saltwater spinning reel. Similarly, finding the best 4000 size saltwater spinning reel receives the same judgment.

Is A 4000 Reel Big Enough For Saltwater Surf Fishing?

Surf fishing is somewhat different from other techniques where you cast the line from the seashore to the longest distance. Therefore, it requires a heavy-duty reel with a longer fishing rod for smooth casting and retrieving. The most common question is what the best size reel for surf fishing is? And is a 4000 (40) reel big enough for surf fishing technique?

Unfortunately, it is tough to give you a direct answer to the question. Let me explain some situations to draw a valid conclusion over the judgment.

Is A 4000 Reel Big Enough For Saltwater Surf Fishing?

A 4000 Reel Capacity!

The recommended mono line strength of a 4000 reel is 8-12lbs, whereas the braid line strength is 8-20lbs. A 4000 reel can hold up to a 150-yard mono line and a maximum of 250-yard braid line. However, the reel line capacity also depends on the strength and length of the fishing rod.

Surf Fishing Rod Length

Generally, the recommended length of a surf fishing rod is between 7-feet and 18-feet. Sometimes, surf fishing requires longer casting and sometimes smaller distance covering to target medium species. In this regard, a 4000 medium spinning reel fits well with a 7 to 8 feet length fishing rod. If it is higher, you can choose another.

Surf Fishing Line Yard

The seashore baitcasting may require 90 to 300 yards of casting line coverage to hunt medium species. So, the surf fisher can rely on a 4000 spinning reel to catch fish with 150 to 250 casting line distance. However, if you love fishing the big species from the deep sea, you must choose the 6000 or larger reels.

Surf Fishing Species

You should consider the fishing species to purchase a perfect size spinning reel. The 4000 spinning reel allows you to target medium species, like snook, snapper, redfish, catfish, bluefish, muskie, and salmon. So, the particular size is perfect for medium species in surf fishing.

Finally, the accuracy of reel size for surf fishing depends on the targeted species, line capacity, rod length, and bait types. In a word, if you target the medium species, a 4000 reel is big enough for saltwater surf fishing. I hope you are happy with the answer now.

What Are The Best 4000 Size Saltwater Spinning Reels?

A fishing reel is a much-needed weapon in the saltwater fishing arsenal. It must be durable for long-lasting performance and comfort for pleasant use. When looking for the best 4000 sizes saltwater spinning reel, don’t miss clicking on the best reels in the list.

Table Of Content

When hunting the best 4000 size spinning reel for medium fishing species, the review can lead you to the right solution. We have listed the 7 best 4000 saltwater spinning reels in the review to offer you a happy fishing experience. Never mind comparing the features of the reels to find the reliable one.

Comparison Chart

If you have no accurate idea about the fishing reels, you may live in a state of ambiguity to pick the best one. Only a comparative study can help you differentiate between the right and wrong one. We want to make you confident to purchase the best one with the comparative analysis. Let’s compare.

Best 4000 Size Saltwater Spinning ReelsBest forWeightGear RatioBearingsFishing Style
PENN Battle II&III Multi-filament Spinning ReelBest for bearings1lbs6:2:15BB+1RBRight hand
Shimano Vanford 4000 F Spinning ReelBest for gear0.48lbs6:2:17BB+1RBLeft/Right hand
Cadence CS10 Spinning ReelBest for performance0.11LBS6:2:110BB+1RBLeft hand
Okuma Ceymar Spinning ReelBest for durability0.70LBS5:0:17BB+1RBLeft/ Right hand
Daiwa BG 4000 Size Spinning ReelBest for drag0.90lbs5:6:16BB+1RBRight hand
KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Reel-Editor’s Choice!Best for efficiency1.06lbs5:2:110BB+1RBRight hand
BASSDASH Alien Ultra-light Spinning Fishing ReelBest for rigidity.57lbs6:0:110BB+1RBLeft/ Right hand

7 Best 4000 Size Saltwater Spinning Reels 2022: Unlock Inshore Fishing Fantasy!

If you are an inshore saltwater fishing enthusiast, you need to enrich your fishing arsenal with a reliable reel. When you are on fishing reel hunt, we have reviewed the 7 best 4000 size saltwater spinning reels in 2022. Let’s unlock the endless surf fishing sensation with the top-rated reels.

1. PENN Battle II&III Multi-filament Spinning Reel-Best for bearings

PENN Battle II&III Multi-filament Spinning Reel

PENN empowers saltwater anglers with its battle spinning reel series. The reel manufacturer has marketed multi-filament spinning reels in a variety of sizes. The 4000 battle II & II spinning reel is a big bang for inshore anglers. Let’s review the reel before making a valid decision.

Full-Metal Body

The multi-filament saltwater fishing reel comes with a full-metal body. The craftsman has crafted the body from durable materials. It is lighter and stronger with stainless steel body, metal side plate, and rotor. Therefore, you thrive tremendous saltwater fishing performance with the battle reel.

Heavy-duty Ball Bearings

The PENN R&D Team has equipped the spinning reel with an aluminum-made durable ball bearing. The heavy-duty aluminum wire ball bearing reduces frictions and maximizes casting ling speed. It offers you unyielding performance in all conditions.

Super Reel Spool

The 4000 multi-filament saltwater reel comes with a superb-quality reel spool. The super-line spool ensures smooth casting and retrieving of line with no backlashes. You can easily recognize the ling capacity marked at 1/3, 2/3, and full levels.

Instant Anti-reverse Bearings

The manufacturer has modified the casting system with an instant anti-reverse bearing. It eliminates line reverse at adverse casting effects. Therefore, you can reel the line without any interruption. The instant anti-reverse system removes pullback of the line while fighting with a big saltwater gamefish.

Carbon Fiber Drag

The high-performing spinning reel has an HT-100 carbon fiber dragging system. The durable drag plates protect the reel from breaking while pulling a big fish. It offers longtime performance with both sides’ leverages. And you enjoy maximum dragging with no more frictions.

Handy Handle

The saltwater spinning reel is easy to use with an aluminum-made handle. The handy reel handle helps you release and retrieve the line on time. The well-shaped handle is comfortable to hold for hours. It empowers you to manage your casting line in all adverse conditions.

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Saltwater fishing reel
  • Size: 4000 (40)
  • Item dimensions: 5x4x3-inches (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Materials: Stainless steel and aluminum
  • Fishing line: Multi-filament
  • Gear ratio: 6:2:1
  • Bearing Number: Six
  • Braid line capacity: Maximum 360-yards of 15lbs
  • Mono line capacity: Maximum 270-yards of 8lbs
  • Hand Orientation: Right-handed use

Quick Profile

  • The 4000 Battle II&III multi-filament spinning reel is the finest tool for a fantastic inshore fishing experience. It can be the best pick for saltwater medium fish anglers.
  • The Penn Battle 4000 series is a great piece of price vs. performance. It is an amazing entry-level saltwater spinning reel.
  • The multi-filament fishing reel is one of the best 4000 size saltwater spinning reels with durable manufacturing materials. It works well for surf fishing.

Preferable Pros

  • High-standard manufacturing materials
  • 100% durable and strong metal body
  • Heavy-duty aluminum bail
  • Comfortable foam gripping pads
  • Instant anti-reversing bearings
  • Smooth and stronger reel spool
  • Carbon fiber drag washers for maximum dragging
  • Long-lasting performance in corrosive saltwater
  • No frictions with smooth retrieving
  • Easy to use by the beginners

Considerable Cons

  • A bit heavier to handle

Why Should You Buy It?

If you wish to have a shinny fishing day on a sandy shore, the PENN Battle 4000 multi-filament reel can be the right pick. It is a great piece with price and performance indeed. No matter! If you are a beginner, the reel can be the reliable one.

2. Shimano Vanford 4000 F Spinning Reel-Best for gear

Shimano Vanford 4000 F Spinning Reel

Shimano is a popular brand of fishing reels, rods, gears, and gadgets. Most anglers recommend Shimano reels and rods for a smooth fishing experience. The Shimano Vanford 4000 F is a top-rated spinning reel for saltwater enthusiasts. Let’s know why you should have the spinning reel?

Advanced Carbon Metal Body

Shimano has upgraded the Vanford 4000 spinning reel with C14+ advanced carbon materials. The high-quality carbon materials make the reel two to three times rigid and strong than the C14 version. Moreover, the carbon-constructed body is lighter than any other Shimano reels. It offers you a long-lasting saltwater fishing performance.

High-profile Light Rotor

The manufacturer has equipped the spinning reel with a modern-maneuvering light rotor. The asymmetrical Magnum-Lite rotor produces classic light rotation during casting and line retrieval. The high-profile rotor reduces 14% more rotational inertia for smoother performance.

3D Hagane Gear

Shimano has empowered the saltwater spinning reel with a 3D high-performing Hagane gear. The manufacturer has tuned the gear with its cold forging technology for comprehensive operations. And the state-of-the-art technologies have made the gear stronger enough for durable performance.

No Rotational Frictions

The Shimano R&D team upgraded the drive and pinion gear surface to eliminate rotational corrosion. The MicroModule Gear II improves gear performance with advanced gear-tooth surface designs. And the exclusive manufacturing technology reduces rotational frictions and sound while releasing and retrieving the line.

Long-stroke Spool Technology

The Vanford spinning reel confirms a smoother line ray with long-stroke spool technology. It helps anglers control the distant casting line and retrieve it on the spool. The premium reel spool holds a maximum yard length. The stainless steel spool is free from retrieval scratches and saltwater rust.

Water Challenging Construction

The spinning reel is highly water-resistant with X-protect technology and water challenging construction. The manufacturer has carefully reviewed every part of the reel, including worm-shaft pin & gear, spool & drag, and handle. Therefore, you can conquer the challenging coastal environment.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Saltwater fishing reel
  • Size: 4000 (40)
  • Weight: Around .48lbs
  • Materials: C14+ advanced carbon construction
  • Gear ratio: 6:2:1
  • Bearing Number: Eight
  • Braid line capacity: Maximum 230-yards of 15lbs
  • Mono line capacity: Maximum 240-yards of 8lbs
  • Hand Orientation: Both handed use

Quick Profile

  • The Shimano Vanford spinning reel is reliable for smooth casting and retrieving line back to the spool. It is one of the best 4000 size saltwater spinning reels in this segment.
  • The high-performing spinning reel offers unlimited inshore fishing pleasures. You can easily handle the lightweight reel.
  • The Shimano’s cold forging technology ensures optimum performance with advanced construction materials. It is comfortable and durable for a long-lasting fishing journey.

Preferable Pros

  • Advanced technical carbon materials
  • Rigid, strong, and lightweight
  • Optimum arrangement of rotor thickness
  • Durable and high-performing gear
  • Exclusive manufacturing technology
  • Long-lasting & smooth performance

Considerable Cons

  • No extra spool with the reel


The Shimano Vanford 4000 F spinning reel will impress you with high-quality construction and top-notch features. It can be your next choice to have a solid saltwater fishing experience. Never miss comparing with others.

3. Cadence CS10 Spinning Reel-Best for performance

 Cadence CS10 Spinning Reel

Cadence caters to your surf fishing fantasy with a high-performing CS10 spinning reel. The fishing reel company believes in making top-notch reels with premium features. The ergonomic design lets you have a joyous fishing day with kids, family, and friends. Let’s find out more about the spinning reel.

High-grade Construction

The Cadence CS10 compacts all amazing built-in features for the finest fishing performance. It has a mighty magnesium frame, integrated bearings, a carbon fiber drag system, and a high-profile rotor. Furthermore, the spinning reel is splendid with EVA ergonomic handle knob, carbon-made handle, and aluminum-alloy bail. The CS10 is a special one with these features.

Premium Manufacturing Materials

Cadence has engineered the spinning reel with premium construction materials. The magnesium and carbon construction components have added great value to the reel. The Cadence CS10 is lighter with a magnesium-made lightweight firm frame. And the high-profile carbon rotor offers superb rotation 11 corrosion-resistant bearings.

Braid Ready Design

The designers have upgraded the spinning reel with one piece-braid ready design. The unique design makes the line outlet smoother and stronger for hassle-free casting. And it protects the reel from braking while retrieving the line back to the spool. The design is outstanding in this segment in the fishing reel industry.

Carbon Fiber Drag

The CS10 spinning reel is robust for surf fishing with a carbon fiber drag system. The carbon-made drag keeps the line stable and steady in all conditions. It confirms a smooth outgoing line with fewer frictions. The next-generation fishing reel is reliable for casting and retrieving the longer line.

Machined Aluminum Spool

Cadence has enriched the CS10 spinning reel with a stronger machined aluminum spool. The lighter, robust reel protects the casting line from slipping and grinding. Moreover, it holds good yards of fishing lines for longer casting. The aluminum spool prevents scratches from saltwater corrosion.

Multi-purpose Fishing Reel

The CS10 is an all-purpose fishing reel with premium materials and designs. It is an ideal real for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. You can go fishing bass and trout along with game fish, red fish, bluefish, and salmon. And the spinning reel fits well with almost fishing rods to minimize costs.

Next Generation Fishing Reel

Cadence believes in flourishing fishing sports among the next generations with a gift combo. You will get combo fishing gifts at your every purchase with Cadence. The manufacturer aims to encourage the young generation for outdoor activities. And the CS10 spinning reel is available with a one-year warranty.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Ultra-light spinning reel
  • Size: CS10-4000
  • Item dimensions: 6.3x 5.5x 3.5-inches (LxWxH)
  • Weight: About .11lbs
  • Materials: Magnesium & aluminum construction
  • Gear ratio: 6:2:1
  • Bearing Number: Eleven
  • Maximum drag: 36lbs
  • Braid line capacity: Maximum 260-yards of 20lbs
  • Mono line capacity: Maximum 220-yards of 10lbs
  • Retrieve: Left or right
  • Handle Knob: Ergonomic EVA knob
  • Hand Orientation: Left-handed
  • Warranty: One year

Quick Profile

  • Cadence creates credence among the young generation to enjoy their holidays with joyful fishing sports. The CS10 spinning reel is a great gadget to make you glad on surf fishing.
  • The CS10 is one of the best 4000 size saltwater spinning reels with premium features and performances in this segment. It is a worthy choice for inshore anglers.
  • The spinning reel adds an unbeaten value to your daily fishing hangout. It is lighter to carry anywhere in small bags or gloves.

Preferable Pros

  • Lightweight firm magnesium frame
  • Aluminum-alloy super-line spool
  • Carbon-composite rotor and side plate
  • Corrosion-resistance eleven bearings
  • Carbon-fiber professional drag system
  • Ergonomic EVA knob of hassle-free handling
  • All-purpose fishing in saltwater and freshwater
  • Friction-free aluminum pinion gear & drive shaft
  • Comfortable carbon fiber handle arm
  • One-year smooth customer service warranty

Considerable Cons

  • A bit expensive for beginners


The Cadence CS10 spinning reel keeps the fishing fun up everywhere with kids, friends, and family members. It adds great value to saltwater and freshwater fishing feeling. Let’s unlock an amazing fishing experience with the premium spinning reel.

4. Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel-Best for durability

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

Okuma inspires inshore fishing with high-quality spinning reels. The Okuma is one of the best 4000 size spinning reels with a sleek design and durable performance. The multi-functional fishing reel is reliable for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Let’s see why you should love the spinning reel?

Premium Manufacturing Materials

The fishing accessory company has developed the spinning reel with high-quality manufacturing materials. The graphite reel body is lighter and stronger enough for faster casting and retrieving. Besides, the anodized aluminum handle and solid aluminum bail wire make the reel more durable than other competitors.

Sleek & Slim Designs

The graphite reel body comes with sleek and slim designs. And the narrow-body blade design reduces fatigue and confirms a lightweight profile. Furthermore, the reel handle is easy to manage with lightweight EVA knobs. It is an excellent piece for family fishing fun.

Multi-disc Drag System

The Ceymar spinning reel offers premium dragging with a multi-disc drag system. It confirms conclusive braking while casting and retrieving the lines. And the oiled felt drag system offers you a smooth dragging experience. It resists excessive frictions from saltwater corrosion.

Integrated Bearings

The manufacturer has empowered the fishing reel with an anti-reverse roller bearing and 7 ball bearings. The integrated bearing system ensures smooth rolling of the rotor. It offers the ultimate speed of releasing and retrieving the lines.

Machined Aluminum Spool

The spinning reel has a heavy-duty machined aluminum spool for smoother fishing performance. The two-toned anodized spool is spacious enough to hold a good length of line yards. Moreover, the rigid spool promotes the strength of mono-filament and braided fishing lines. And it helps to keep the lines straight and steady in all conditions.

Elliptical Gearing System

The precision oval gearing system includes machine-cut brass pinion gear for faster and smoother rollings. The brass pinion gear eliminates rotational frictions while releasing the spool line. The professional elliptical gearing system secures the lines from tearing off. Furthermore, it has a solid aluminum bail wire for durable performance.

Computerized Rotor Equalization

The designer has upgraded the spinning reel with a computer-controlled rotor. The well-balanced rotor assures equal rotation, causing no cyclic complexities. The RESII computer equalizing rotor system reduces line friction and breaking.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: All-purpose spinning reel
  • Size: C-40 (4000)
  • Item dimensions: 5x 5x 4-inches (LxWxH)
  • Weight: About .70lbs
  • Materials: Graphite & aluminum blend construction
  • Gear ratio: 5:0:1
  • Bearing Number: 7BB+1RB
  • Maximum drag: 13lbs
  • Braid line capacity: Maximum 215-yards of 30lbs
  • Mono line capacity: Maximum 265-yards of 8lbs
  • Line retrieve: 30.0-inch
  • Handle Knobs: Lightweight EVA handle knobs
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

Quick Profile

  • The C40 is a versatile fishing reel for saltwater and freshwater anglers. It allows you to target from smaller to larger fishing species.
  • The Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is a fantastic fishing reel with feature-packed quality construction. It offers you an advanced inshore or offshore fishing experience.
  • You can easily control the high-speed gear shaft with the computer balancing rotor. It is easy to own and fantastic to fish.

Preferable Pros

  • Premium construction with high-quality materials
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Powerful multi-disc dragging system
  • Ultimate smoothness with professional bearings
  • Corrosion-resistant blade body design
  • Precision brass pinion gear
  • Heavy-duty machined aluminum spool
  • Custom EVA handle knobs for comfortable gripping
  • Friction-free anti-reverse bearing

Considerable Cons

  • Limited warranty under conditions


When looking for an all-purpose best 4000 size saltwater spinning reel, the Okuma Ceymar C-40 can be an ideal pick. It comes with cutting-edge manufacturing technology and top-quality materials. You can have a cost-effective solution to saltwater fishing with the spinning reel.

5. Daiwa BG 4000 Size Spinning Reel-Best for drag

Daiwa BG 4000 Size Spinning Reel

Over the years, Daiwa has been offering anglers good-quality fishing accessories. The fishing fostering company is also reliable for reels. The brand has brought the BG reel series to the market with modern fishing features and functions. Let’s review the BG 4000 size spinning reel of the series.

Machined Aluminum Housing

Daiwa has equipped the BG spinning reel series with a machined aluminum body. The black anodized boy cover is super corrosion-resistant to avoid scratches. Moreover, it promotes the internal and external strength of the reel. And the black anodization offers a brilliant look to the reel. The anodization process has made the reel unique compared to the competitors.

Extended Gear Life

The manufacturer has integrated the largest drive gear in the BG spinning reel series. The 4000 size reel has oversized DIGI gear to extend the gear life. Moreover, the large-sized gear increases gear-tooth contact points with more power and torque.

ABS Reel Spool

The BG spinning reel confirms 100% use of the line with its ABS spool. Its core diameter and reversed taper left no line unused in a deep core. You can fill the spool from the edge to the lip with the line without tangles. And the ABS spool ensures longer casting with fewer frictions.

Unique Air Rotor

Unlike traditional reels, the BG series spinning reel has a unique air rotor. The lightweight air rotor weighs less than 15% of the regular rotors. And the uniquely shaped rotor distributes weight evenly to maximize rotational strength. It brilliantly harmonizes between rotational sequences and gear speeds.

Solid Screw-In Handle

The ergonomic handle design with a solid screw ensures zero movements between the handle arm and main gear. Therefore, you feel confident in controlling the reel while rotating the handle. It helps you for faster releasing and retrieving the spool line.

Waterproof Drag System

The manufacturer has developed the BG spinning reel with a waterproof dragging system. It is a perfect addition to avoid saltwater moisture and rust on the reel. Therefore, you can use the reel for saltwater fishing without any hesitation. And it helps you make your reel spool free from scratches with 17.6lbs maximum drag capacity.

All-purpose Fishing Reel

The versatile spinning reel has six ball bearings and one rolling bearing with a 5:6:1 gear ratio. It fits well with any fishing rod type and allows you to fish in saltwater or freshwater. The all-purpose fishing reel is reliable to target both big and small species. You can hunt big bass or small trout with the tool.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: BG Series spinning reel
  • Size: C-4000
  • Item dimensions: 6x 5x 4-inches (LxWxH)
  • Weight: About .90lbs
  • Materials: Synthetic & aluminum blend construction
  • Gear ratio: 5:6:1
  • Bearing Number: 6BB+1RB
  • Maximum drag: 17.6lbs
  • Braid line capacity: Maximum370-yards of 20lbs
  • Mono line capacity: Maximum 300-yards of 10lbs
  • Spool: Dynamic cut aluminum ABS spool
  • Rotor: Air-type
  • Line retrieve: 39.9-inch
  • Handle: Solid screw-in handle
  • Hand Orientation: Right-handed use

Quick Profile

  • The BG 4000 spinning reel comes with a ton of power for a smooth and steady performance. You can have a great deal with a reel at this price range.
  • The spinning reel is ideal for saltwater fishing compared to others. It is candid: don’t miss rinsing after saltwater use.
  • It is one of the best 4000 size saltwater spinning reels for entry and mid-level anglers.

Preferable Pros

  • High-strength machined aluminum body with brilliant anodization
  • Extended gear life with oversized DIGI gear system
  • Unique-shaped air rotor for lightweight configuration
  • Solid screw-in handle for a confident control
  • Dynamic cut aluminum ABS spool for less friction
  • High-strength waterproof drag system
  • 100% usable line

Considerable Cons

  • Warranty & customer support is an issue


The BG 4000 spinning reel is a great piece when casting matters for saltwater fishing, . The next-generation spinning reel is splendid with a brilliant look and design. It fits well and works better with any fishing rod. Never mind having a valid verdict.

6. KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Reel-Best for efficiency-Editor’s Choice!

KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Reel

KastKing fishing engineering empowers anglers to conquer oceans and rivers. And KastKing keeps fishing fun with cutting-edge innovations. The brand has marketed the Sharky reel series for the third time with new features. Let’s review the latest Sharky III 4000 spinning reel.

Fiber Reinforced Graphite Body

The new KastKing Sharky spinning reel is lighter and stronger with a fiber-reinforced graphite body and rotor. The manufacturer has built the reel tough to tackle the challenging fishing conditions. It is a super lightweight and strong reel to manage monsters in saltwater and freshwater.

Stronger Precision

The Sharky III spinning real is a wonderful fishing warrior with powerful gears and drag. The 39.5lbs carbon-fiber triple-disc drag ensures precise braking during casting and retrieving lines. The high-speed manganese brass pinion gears offer stronger operation with a stainless steel oversized main shaft.

Braid-Ready Spool

The KastKing new spinning reel comes with an exquisite braid-ready spool. It helps you prevent backing the line to eliminate line slipping. The aluminum braid-ready spool lets you bring the line to the proper position automatically. And it ensures more line capacity to battle with the big species.

Double-shielded Ball Bearings

The manufacturer has upgraded the spool with double-shielded integrated ball bearings. It includes stainless steel ten ball bearings and one rolling bearing for an effortless fishing experience. The high-quality bearings strengthen the gear system for powerful performance.

Professional Gear and Drag

The spinning reel rotates smoothly with a zinc alloy drive gear and brass pinion gears. The 10% thicker main shaft offers tireless performance for hours. It has a 39.5lbs triple disc carbon drag system for professional braking to fight against the toughest conditions.

Secure Fit Handle

KastKing has equipped the spinning reel with a secure fit handle. The direct-drive aluminum-made handle helps you have professional reel management. It makes you confident in faster releasing and quicker retrieving the line to the spool. The comfortable handle knobs offer a great knock at every rolling.

Water Resistant Design

The KastKing Intrusion Shield System secures the reel from saltwater soaking. The KISS Sharky spinning reel comes with a water-resistant design. It protects the whole body reel from moisture, dirt, and rust. The water-resistant reel lasts for years to fish in freshwater and saltwater.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Super value spinning reel
  • Size: C-4000
  • Weight: 1.06lbs
  • Materials: Aluminum blend stainless steel construction
  • Gear ratio: 5:2:1
  • Bearing Number: 10BB+1RB
  • Maximum drag: 39.5lbs
  • Braid line capacity: Maximum 220-yards of 40lbs
  • Mono line capacity: Maximum 200-yards of 10lbs
  • Spool: Braid-ready aluminum spool
  • Rotor: Lightweight rotor
  • Line retrieve: 31.8-inch
  • Handle: Direct-drive secure-fit handle
  • Hand Orientation: Right-handed use

Quick Profile

  • The Sharky III spinning reel is an affordable innovation with multi-functional modern features. It keeps fishing fun up!
  • The durable fishing reel offers long-lasting saltwater and freshwater fishing performance. It is a cost-effective all-purpose fishing reel.
  • The high-performing spinning reel is loyal to all rods to fight against the big one. It comes through high-efficient engineering. The feature-packed reel looks royal and works smart.

Preferable Pros

  • The next-generation upgraded construction engineering
  • High-quality manufacturing materials
  • Top-notch all-purpose fishing features
  • Triple-disc carbon drag
  • Innovative water-resistant body
  • Braid-ready and heavy-duty aluminum spool
  • Double-shield stainless steel integrated ball bearings
  • Anti-twist line roller to eliminate tangles

Considerable Cons

  1. No pre-loaded line


The KastKing Sharky III, 4000 size spinning reel is a great piece at an affordable price. It is a well-built and smooth fishing reel for the finest saltwater and freshwater fishing campaign. You can try it to move your fishing feeling to the next level.

7. BASSDASH Alien Ultra-light Spinning Fishing Reel-Best for rigidity

BASSDASH Alien Ultra-light Spinning Fishing Reel

BASSDASH dreams to deliver better reels at reasonable prices. The manufacturer lets you enjoy your inshore and offshore fishing moment. BASSDASH has gifted anglers the alien ultra-light compact spinning reel for an incredible fishing experience. Let’s look at the reel to learn more.

Uncompromising Durable Construction

The carbon fiber construction materials make the spinning reel body durable and lightweight. The carbon body, rotor, and side plate ensure maximum rigidity and steady. The stainless steel drag system and aluminum handle offer long-lasting performance.

Stainless Steel Bearings

The Alien ultra-light spinning reel has stainless steel nine ball bearings and one rolling bearing for smoother operation. The integrated bearing system offers pleasant casting and retrieving experience in saltwater or freshwater. It leads to a brilliant operational combination between zinc-alloy drive gears and brass pinion gear.

Premium Drag System

The triple-disc carbon drag delivers powerful and smooth drag controls. The drag’s stainless steel washers allow you to punch the reel above its weight. Moreover, the carbon fiber drag offers premium braking for a hassle-free fishing experience.

Machined Aluminum Spool

The spinning fishing reel works well in saltwater with a machined aluminum spool. The fully anodized spool protects itself from corrosive saltwater scratches. It increases the longevity of the reel and line even at frequent use. Furthermore, it confirms smooth casting and line retrieval in all conditions.

Aluminum Solid Screw-in Handle

The Alien spinning reel is highly efficient with a professional handle. The heavy-duty reel handle comes with an aluminum-made solid screw for the finest fittings. It confirms zero movements between the main gear and the handle’s arm. Moreover, the EVA handle knobs let you have a comfortable gripping.

Powerful Gear Management

The manufacturer has empowered the spinning reel with powerful gear management. The professional gear management works with zinc-alloy drive gears and brass pinion gear. And the stainless steel main shaft strengthens the gear performance under extreme pressure. The reel gear management maintains a mighty operational combination with stainless steel bearings and brass line roller.

All-Species Fishing Reel

The Alien 4000 spinning reel is ideal for saltwater and freshwater fishing. It lets you go for fishing fun in the river or ocean. You can use the reel to target inshore and offshore fishing species. The reel works well to hunt small and medium species with almost baits.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Ultra-light spinning reel
  • Size: C-4000
  • Weight: .57lbs
  • Materials: Carbon fiber, aluminum-alloy, and stainless steel construction
  • Gear ratio: 6:0:1
  • Bearing Number: 10BB+1RB
  • Maximum drag: 15lbs
  • Braid line capacity: Maximum 190-yards of 40lbs
  • Mono line capacity: Maximum 190-yards of 8lbs
  • Spool: Braid-ready machined aluminum spool
  • Rotor: Corrosion-resistant Lightweight rotor
  • Line retrieve: 32-inch
  • Handle: Direct-drive secure-fit handle
  • Hand Orientation: Both hand orientation

Quick Profile

  • The classic spinning reel offers an incredible fishing experience in this price segment. It is a perfect choice for anglers looking for the best 4000 size saltwater spinning reel.
  • The lightweight and compact spinning reel is easy to install and convenient to use with almost fishing rods. It works well with all baits and lures.
  • It is an outstanding innovation of BASSDASH with manufacturing materials and fishing features. You can love it for its long-lasting performance.

Preferable Pros

  • Well-structured carbon body
  • Premium carbon-fiber drag system
  • Machined aluminum spool with no scratches
  • Screw-in handle with EVA knobs
  • Stainless steel integrated bearings
  • Zinc-alloy drive gears and brass pinion gear
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • All-purpose fishing species

Cons to Consider

  • Regular rinsing after saltwater fishing


When looking for the best 4000 size spinning reel, the BASSDASH alien ultra-light spinning reel is a great choice. It offers unlimited fishing fun for kids, friends, and family members. You can have an affordable saltwater fishing solution with the spinning reel.

How To Pick The Right Size Reel?

Choosing the right size reel is crucial to having a hassle-free fishing experience. Whether you are a saltwater or freshwater angler, you have to pick the right size reel to equip your rod. However, are you in confused about understanding the reel size and choosing the right one? So, let’s decide through an explanation.

Key Types Of Reel Size: Small, Medium, Large, and the Largest

Fishing tackle companies design and develop reels in four dimensions: small, medium, large, and extra-large. The different fishing techniques require different sizes of reels to target different species. You have to pick the right size reel for saltwater and freshwater fishing techniques. Let’s understand the size of the fishing reel.

Small Size Spinning Reels

The small spinning reel comes between 1000 (10) and 3500 (35) sizes. The small-size fishing reels have the maximum mono line capacity between 4lbs and 18lbs. And the small spinning reels come with a maximum braid line capacity between 8lbs and 30lbs.

Medium Size Spinning Reels

The manufacturers categorize the medium-sized reel between 4000 (40) and 6000 (60). A medium-size reel’s maximum mono line capacity starts from 12lbs to 18lbs. And the recommended braid line capacity comprises between 8lbs and 15lbs.

Large Size Spinning Reels

The large-sized spinning reels start from 7000 (70) to 9000 (90) for large fishing species. The mono line capacity of large reels relies on between 20lbs and 25lbs. And the maximum braid line capacity of large spinning reels is between 40lbs and 60lbs.

Largest Size Spinning Reels

The reel designers develop the largest spinning reels for fishing river or ocean monsters. The largest reel size starts from 10000 (100) and 300000 (30). The maximum mono line capacity of the largest spinning reel is between 30lbs and 60lbs+. And the braid line capacity comprises between 70lbs and 80lbs+.

Small, Medium, Large, and the Largest Reels: Which size is the right one?

The fishing techniques and species determine the spinning reel sizes. Firstly, you have to fix your hunting mission and vision. It can be only for family fishing fun or professional fishing campaign. Let’s have a valid decision upon size.

Is a small reel a right pick?

When looking for the reels for fishing small species, the small-sized reels are ideal picks. The small reels between 1000 and 3500 are good for spinners, buzz baits, jigs, and spoons baits’ applications. You can use the reels to target small species like sunfish, bass, trout, catfish, muskie, and more. So, fix the size now as your fishing fashion.

Is a medium reel a right pick?

The medium-sized reels of 4000 and 6000 are ideal for crankbait, large spoons, large spinners, and heavy live baits. A medium-size spinning reel is a perfect pick for fishing salmon, catfish, muskie, walleye, and drum species. Now, you can have the right reel choice with medium sizes.

Is a large reel a right pick?

The large-sized spinning reels between 7000 and 9000 are ideal for targeting tiger muskie, small shark, big salmon, drum, and barracuda. A large reel is the right pick for trolling rigs, large spoons, and heavy-weight live baits. Let’s be confident to choose the large reel.

Is the largest reel a right pick?

The largest spinning reels of 10000 or 30000 are the right picks for targeting river or ocean monsters. If you love hunting tarpon, big tuna, sailfish, shark, swordfish, and dorado; the largest reel is a reliable pick. The extra-large reels work well with heavy-trolling rigs, long streamers, and heavy live baits. Now determine how much the largest reel a right pick is.

In a nutshell, never mind fixing your fishing techniques and species to fix the reel size. It helps you understand and prefer the proper reel size for more reliable fishing fun. Now, it’s your turn to pick the right size reel.

What Is To Consider Before Buying A 4000 Size Saltwater Spinning Reel: A Brilliant Buying Guide!

Finding the best 4000 sizes saltwater spinning reels depends on some significant factors. You can find your desired reel at an affordable price by following a well-researched buying guide. We have prepared the buying guide with all crucial issues related to a good-quality saltwater fishing reel. Let’s consider them before buying a reel.

Quality Manufacturing Materials

The manufacturing material is the foremost important factor to consider before buying a good-quality saltwater spinning reel. When corrosion resistance is a primary concern, quality manufacturing materials bring salvation.

Never miss choosing a spinning reel made of stainless steel, graphite, anodized aluminum, titanium, ceramic, and carbon fiber. These materials make saltwater fishing reels free from casting corrosion. And try to avoid plastic-made fishing reels to make a worthy investment.

Modern Maneuvering Technologies

If you love fishing with a feature-packed fishing reel, modern engineering attracts much attention. In the reel shops, you can find the old-fashioned fishing reel at a lower price. Don’t care about the stereotype spinning reels to save your time and money.

Pick the reel brands that utilize the latest reel engineering technologies for fishing tackles. It offers you limitless fishing fun with less effort.

Adequate Line Capacity

When looking for the best 4000 size spinning reels for saltwater fishing, the reel line capacity is crucial to consider. Most medium species move around far from the seashore. Therefore, you have to choose the reel that can hold an adequate amount of mono or braid lines.

For instance, the 10lbs of 200-yards mono line and 40lbs of 220-yards can be an ideal for medium species saltwater fishing campaign. However, the maximization and minimization of the reel line capacity may depend on the coastal environments.

Good Gear Ratio

The reel gear management involves a great deal with choosing the right saltwater reels. The different spinning fishing reels come with different gear ratios. And the gear ratio depends on the reel size. It is an important consideration for a comfortable fishing experience.

The best 4000 sizes saltwater spinning reels feature 5:2:1, 6:0:1, 5:6:1, 5:0:1 and 6:2:1 gear ratios. You can choose the reels with the gear ratios for the perfect gear management.

Premium Drag System

The professional casting and retrieving brake depends on the premium drag system. The high-strength drag plays a vital role in casting heavier braids and pulling big monsters. The weaker drag cannot withstand the excessive pressure in an adverse coastal environment.

However, the drag capacity varies from one reel model to another. The drag is higher; the fishing is smoother in all conditions. The recommended drag capacity for a saltwater fishing reel relies on 15lbs and 40lbs.

High-grade Handle

A quality reel handle helps you have conclusive control over the casting and retrieving. The comfortable EVA handle knobs are also important to consider for effortless handling. The reel handle must be easily accessible, usable, and durable too.

The secure-fit and screw-in handles are ideal for saltwater spinning reels. It empowers anglers to battle with the big preys.

Super Line Spool

The efficiency of the saltwater spinning reels relates to the strength and smoothness of the reel spools. The saltwater reel spool must be anti-corrosive to eliminate line scratches. Moreover, the manufacturing material is important to slash the reel weight down.

Choose the saltwater spinning reels that come with lighter and stronger line spools. And the high-quality spool manufacturing materials are anodized aluminum, graphite, and stainless steel. Never let you down with a weaker spool line.

Lighter but Stronger Frame

The reel is the most important thing to consider buying a saltwater fishing reel finally. You have to choose the lighter but stronger reel frame for the finest fishing experience. It keeps you fishing fun up in all conditions.

The manufacturing material and engineering are important components for the best 4000 sizes saltwater spinning reels. You must choose the reel frame of graphite, aluminum, carbon fiber, and stainless steel for durable performance.

Hand Orientation

Most anglers forget to check and regret later over the reel’s hand orientation. The 4000 sizes spinning reels come with the right, left, and both-handed orientations. If you are right-handed, don’t choose the reel with a left-hand orientation.

At the same time, the right-hand orientation isn’t ideal for left-handed anglers. Some reels are available with both left and right-hand orientations. You should choose the reel that goes with your hand orientation.

Brand Reputation

You must check the brand reputation of a fishing reel before picking it finally. The famous brands deliver quality items for maximum customer satisfaction. And they equip the reel with the latest features and functions. Moreover, a reputed brand uses quality manufacturing materials.

So, be careful about the brand reputation of the spinning reels. You can compare our reviewed brands to make a valid decision on the issue.

Related Questions: Relevant To Pick The Best Saltwater Fishing Reels

When the saltwater fishing reels are available with a wide variety of sizes and types, the 4000 sizes spinning reels raise a ton of questions. Look at the relevantly related questions before stepping up to the conclusion.

Is a 4000 reel good for inshore fishing?

The medium-sized 4000 saltwater spinning reel is ideal for inshore fishing. It is good for targeting medium species like redfish, catfish, bluefish, salmon, and drum. And the medium spinning reel fits well with 7 to 8-feet fishing rods.

The 4000 sizes spinning reels are the best choices for holding crankbaits, large spoons, spinners, and heavy live baits. And the medium-sized saltwater fishing reels let you pull the big fish up to 30 pounds.

How big is a 4000 reel?

A 4000 reel falls into the medium-sized category in dimensions and applications. The maximum mono-filament line capacity of a 4000 spinning reel is 12lbs, whereas the maximum braid line capacity is 20lbs.

The medium-sized reel is big enough to target catfish, redfish, salmon, and drum species. And it is quite capable of holding almost baits, including large spoons and heavy live baits.

Is a 6000 reel too big?

The 6000 size is a large-sized reel that is ideal for targeting large inshore and offshore species. It is good to grab the biggest species up to about 150+lbs. The recommended mono-filament braid line capacity of the 6000 reel series is 12lbs to 18lbs. And the braid line capacity comprises 12lbs to 30lbs.

A 6000 spinning reel is ideal for saltwater heavy fishing applications. Now, appraise yourself that how big a 6000 spinning reel is.

A Valued Verdict!

An inshore saltwater fishing is pretty different from a freshwater fishing campaign. The reel choice is crucial to cater to the finest fishing experience. When you have a weakness in a particular reel size, you must invest time and money to pick the best one. For instance, the 4000 size spinning reel is a great fuzz among fishers.

You may find multiple models of 4000 size saltwater spinning reels with various qualities. The question is what the best 4000 size saltwater spinning reels in the market? We have already answered to the questions and reviewed the 7 best 4000 size spinning reels of reputed brands. It is time to unveil the editor’s choice of the KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Reel for saltwater fishing. The 4000 size spinning reel is lighter and stronger with a fiber-reinforced graphite body. And the reel is handy to manage with a secure-fit and screw-in handle.

I wish you all the best for inshore fishing with your kids, friends, and family members. Happy fishing

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