10 Best Magnet for Magnet Fishing [Updated 2022 Reviews]

Magnet fishing is one hell of a hobby that can bring a ton of fortune if done with the right gear. When it’s about equipping yourself up for the job, the first and foremost thing to get is the magnet itself.

However, with a plethora of options in the market, getting the best magnet for magnet fishing is no easy fish to fry. You need to consider things like pulling capacity to construction mechanism, and everything in between.

Best Magnet for Magnet Fishing

Sounds too much on one shoulder? No worries, we’ve got you covered with reviews for the most promising magnet kits. Let’s get through the fishing magnets you can get your hands on today.


What kind of magnet do I need for magnet fishing?

First things first, you need to know which kind of magnet you’re getting out with. Turns out, neodymium magnets are the best of their kind when it comes to efficient magnet fishing. Not only do they pull heavy items without losing every time, but also they last longer than others.

What’s more, you can get the full potential of the strength your magnet claims to comprise. A neodymium magnet will help you retrieve all kinds of metal from anywhere, even against the current. So, if you want the go-to option for the best type of magnet, go with neodymium.

How strong of a magnet do I need for magnet fishing?

Now that you know which type of magnet to go with, you need to decide how strong it should be. There is a wide range of magnet strength you can go for, typically described by the pulling capacity. To help you decide on the right pulling power, here’s a guide that can help:

Magnet strengthPulling strengthGood for
300 lbsLightweight pulls of 300 pounds (136 kg)Novice magnet fishers
500 lbsMedium pulls of 500 pounds (226 kg)Beginners in the game
800 lbsLarge pulls of 800 pounds (362 kg)Mid-tier pro magnet fishers
1000 lbsExtra-large pulls of 1000 pounds (453 kg)Pro magnet players
1200-1500 lbsHeavy metals of more than 500 kgProfessional magnet fishers
2000-4000 lbsMilitary-grade magnet pullingTop tier professionals

If you’re into big games, maybe against the current and heavy pulling, go for a double-sided heavy magnet. These magnets are great for blind scouting on the river bed where you need 360° coverage.

Double vs Single Magnet for Magnet Fishing

Double vs Single Magnet for Magnet Fishing

Apart from the strength, there are two basic types of magnet for ‘magnet fishing’: Single and double magnet. So, which one to go with for your next adventure?
All before considering the bells and whistles, let’s get it cleared up and see which type works for what:

Go with a single-sided magnet if you pull

If you do magnet fishing from the sides of bridges or the boat deck, this is your kind. It’s because a single sided magnet tends to stay upward on the strongest side if you drag it on the bottom of the water. That way, the magnet becomes practically useless.

On the flip side, if you use it from above with no intention of dragging, you can grab treasures straight up! You’ll drop the magnet in, scout, and bring up once you catch something! This way, the single-sided magnet can be a big advantage for side magnet fishers.

Go with a double-sided magnet if you drag

If you do magnet fishing by dragging the magnet across the bottom of lakes or rivers, go for a double-sided fishing magnet. These magnets thrive for the same reason single-sided magnets fall short for! You will always have one side doing the scouting while the other side facing up.

However, double-sided magnets also come with a disadvantage or two. If you have to encounter a lot of obstacles, especially rocks and sharp objects, there’s a chance of losing the metal. Besides, the magnet bar also can get stuck between heavy rocks.

Okay, there’s something else!

Now, you may not like either of the disadvantages or want to carry two different magnets. In that case, getting a hybrid or 2-in-1 magnet is your best bet. These magnets come with such a screwing mechanism, you can convert one into a single-sided magnet and vice versa.

What are the best magnet for magnet fishing?

  1. Editor’s choice (Best overall): Brute Magnetics 1200 lb Neodymium Industrial Magnet
  2. Best for pull mechanism: Brute 1500 lb Neodymium Pull Magnet
  3. Best for 2 in 1 operation: Brute Magnetics Double-Sided Magnet
  4. Best for heavy pulling capacity: BOOMCOOL Magnet Fishing Kit
  5. Best for Tactical pulling: Brute Magnetics Single-Sided 1000 lb Magnet
  6. Best value for money: Wukong 760LB Super Strong Neodymium Magnet
  7. Best for beginners: MUTUACTOR 400lb Fishing Magnet Kit
  8. Best for any skill level: Brute Magnetics 575 lb Fishing Magnet
  9. Best for grappling: MHDMAG Double Sided 1000lbs Magnet Kit
  10. Best for Salt water: MUTUACTOR 1300LBS Heavy Duty Fishing Magnet

Comparison Chart:

We’ve included every type of magnet you might want. Here’s a quick comparison chart for you to distinguish between them and decide one real quick:

Best magnet modelsBest forLifting powerType of magnetMagnet weightMade ofKits Box
Brute Magnetics 1200 lbBest overall1200 poundssingle sided8.80 lbsNeodymiumIncluded
Brute 1500 lb Pull MagnetPull mechanism1500 poundssingle sided5.09 lbsNeodymiumN/A
Brute Magnetics Double-Sided2 in 1 operation1200 pounds2 in 12.50 lbsNeodymiumN/A
BOOMCOOL Magnet Fishing KitHeavy pulling capacity1700 lbsdouble sided4.41 lbsNeodymiumN/A
Brute Magnetics Single-Sided MagnetTactical pulling1000 lbssingle sided1.99 lbsNeodymiumN/A
Wukong MagnetValue for money760 lbs2 in 12.83 lbsNeodymiumN/A
MUTUACTOR Magnet Kitfor beginners400 lbssingle sided1.53 lbsNeodymiumPouch / bag
Brute Magnetics 575 lbfor any skill level575 lbssingle sided1.46 lbsNeodymiumN/A
MHDMAG Magnet Kitfor grappling1000 lbs2 in 14.44 lbsNeodymiumN/A
MUTUACTOR Fishing MagnetFor Salt water1300 lbssingle sided4.4 lbsNeodymiumIncluded

10 Best Magnet for Magnet Fishing 2022

Getting the best magnet for magnet fishing requires a lot of consideration. We took the time to do that and selected 10 of the most promising ones. Here they are:

1) Editor’s choice (Best overall): Brute Magnetics 1200 lb Neodymium Industrial Magnet

 Brute Magnetics 1200 lb Neodymium Industrial Magnet

Brute has been a reliable magnet fishing kit manufacturer on the market for a lifetime. Their 1200 lb model is by far the most promising one that made it to our top list. Let’s see what makes Brute the best magnet to use for magnet fishing and what it has to offer with this model:

User Experience

  • Great for vertical pulling heavy objects
  • Anti-weather coating keeps the magnet safe
  • All included tools, so no extra cost to cover
  • Dragging won’t result in as efficient
  • Waterproof kit box is great for carrying around


  • Build material: Neodymium
  • Magnet weight: 8.80 lbs weight
  • Pull capacity: 1200 Lbs
  • Rope length: 65 feet
  • Magnet size: 4.72” x 0.70”
  • Kit box: polypropylene box included
  • Included kits: carabiner, O-ring, Rope
  • Waterproofing: Yes, IP67 rated Box

Why We love it

We’ve picked it as our editorial choice and marked it the best magnet for magnet fishing for a bunch of reasons. First off, Brute has used Neodymium, the most efficient magnet material, the strongest of its kind, to make this beast.

With a whooping 1200 lbs of drag capacity, you can easily pull out heavy objects without ever losing one. It’s perfect for industrial and scientific usage, if you’re into intense magnet fishing of some sort.

Next up, this magnet is a single sided one, meaning that it’s best for pulling instead of dragging. You can use it from bridge sides, boat decks highly efficiently, or even for dragging to an extent if you have to.

With only a 4.72″ diameter footprint and an 8.80 lbs weight, this magnet is easy to use and carry around. You also get a hard case for easy carrying. It’s IP67 waterproof and is made of high strength polypropylene.

Therefore, it’ll not only keep things dry, but also withstand heavy impact. The good news is, this box comes fully equipped with 65 feet of ¼” double braided rope. It has a huge breaking strength at 1680 lbs to connect to 5600 lbs rated carabiners.

Quick Facts

  • Waterproof heavy carry box
  • Braided high strength rope
  • 5600 lbs rated carabiner
  • Neodymium construction
  • Included O-ring and sealing


  • You get to pull out up to 1200 lbs objects with this magnet
  • It comes with its own rope and carabiner for ready fishing
  • You won’t need a separate threadlocker as it offers one
  • The double braided rope is 65’ long and has a ¼” diameter
  • Its kit box is heavy duty and is waterproof for worry-free use


  • Not a great option for magnet fishing by dragging

Why Should You Buy It?

The Brute 1200 single sided is the best magnet for magnet fishing that can pull 1200 lbs of with a Neodymium construction. You’re also getting a full setup for the job right inside the waterproof case including a rope, carabiner, O-ring, and threadlocker.

2) Best for pull mechanism: Brute 1500 lb Neodymium Pull Magnet

Brute 1500 lb Neodymium Pull Magnet

Do you pull objects even heavier than 1200 lbs? You certainly need more power to the magnet, and this model of Neodymium magnet from Brute Magnetics offers just that. You get a heavy 1500 lbs of pulling capacity, best of this brand with pull mechanism.

User Experience

  • Huge pulling capacity makes sure the object sticks well.
  • Well built with good design that helps in easy handling.
  • Has its own carabiner and O-ring for easy controlling.
  • Waterproof kit box helps to move the setup around.
  • The included rope is long enough to cast from height.


  • Build material: Neodymium
  • Magnet weight: 5.09 lbs weight
  • Pull capacity: 1500 Lbs
  • Rope length: Not included
  • Magnet size: 4.72” x 1”
  • Kit box: Not included
  • Included kits: 6 ml 242 medium threadlocker

Why We love it

This one, compared to the 1200 lbs Brute magnet is the upgraded version with a higher 1500 lbs pulling capacity. It has got a better pulling mechanism alongside a lightweight yet heavy duty Neodymium build.

With a countersunk screw hole on one side, this magnet is a single sided one, meaning it’s great for pulling. If you often go magnet fishing from your boat or bridge rails, this will do great with heavy pulling at an industrial level.

Let’s not overlook, the A3 high strength steel casing that will give this magnet a longer life span. As for the kit, you’ll get this magnet all ready to go into the water as far the magnet is concerned. However, you won’t get a rope like the previous one comes with.

You’ll get a 6 ml threadlocker bottle to secure the bolt in place. You have to attach a rope with the length of your desire to go on magnet fishing with this one. On top of that, this magnet doesn’t offer a kit box to help you keep things secure for travel.

Quick Facts

  • Extremely strong neodymium magnet
  • Steel casing mechanism
  • Countersunk bolt mechanism
  • 1500 lbs of pulling capacity
  • Comes with a bottle of threadlocker


  • Industrial level pulling capacity
  • Heavy duty steel casing for longer lifespan
  • High strength magnet
  • Flushed in bolt design


  • Doesn’t come with a rope or kit box

Why Should You Buy It?

This magnet is a perfect selection if heavy pulling capacity is what you’ve been looking for. You’ll get a 4.72 lbs neodymium magnet that can pull a whopping 1500 lbs of weight. Besides, its steel coating will help you use it for a lifetime.

3) Best for 2 in 1 operation: Brute Magnetics Double-Sided Magnet

Brute Magnetics Double-Sided Magnet

Dragging is how you do it, and a single-sided magnet doesn’t cut that? Well, give a shot to this double-side magnet from Brute. It’s the best magnet for magnet fishing if you do the job using the dragging method.

User Experience

  • Dragging is much easier rather than pulling with it
  • Once it traps a thing, there’s no way out of the catch
  • Hooking the rope is super easy with the O-ring
  • The rope is upper strong and braided for easy drags
  • Carrying is super easy as the magnet stays separate


  • Magnet weight: 2.50 pounds
  • Build material: Neodymium
  • Pull capacity: 1200 Lbs
  • Drag capacity: 800 Lbs
  • Rope length: Not included
  • Magnet size: 2.95” x 1.3”
  • Kit box: Not included
  • Included kits: Threadlocker

Why We love it

Neither a pull magnet, nor a dragging magnet will give you the ultimate magnet fishing solution if you’re into both. But keeping two different magnets with you might not be just the best option. Hence, this one can help you cover that both up with one magnet.

The Brute double-sided magnet doesn’t only drag on its both sides, but also converts into a pull magnet! When you’re not in the mode of dragging lines around, go ahead and remove the side mounted bolt and use the surface one alone.

With the detachable dual bolt hook design, you can take one magnet with you, and can do both pulling or dragging. Talking of pulling, this magnet holds a staggering 1200 lbs of dragging and 800 lbs of pulling capacity.

One side falls a little short because it’s mainly a dragger. To get started with the magnet, you’ll get a bottle of threadlocker to secure the seamless bolt into the place. However, you’re not getting a rope, nor an O-ring this time around.

It also doesn’t include a kit box that would have been a great addition to make the shopping a lot easier. On the other hand, with proper setup, you can rely on its dragging or pulling capacity as a 2.-in-1 magnet fishing tool.

Quick Facts

  • Two in one double sided magnet
  • 1200 dragging and 800 pulling capacity
  • Heavy duty neodymium construction
  • Doesn’t include a kit box or rope
  • Has countersunk bolt mechanism
  • Eyebolt connection is super easy with this magnet


  • Doesn’t include a kit box or rope

Why Should You Buy It?

If you’re a person who loves multiple jobs done with a single magnet, this one’s for you. It has both the pull capacity as well as the dragging design to keep you on the job, even while on the move. With 1200 lbs dragging, missing out on the water bed won’t be an issue.

4) Best for heavy pulling capacity: BOOMCOOL Magnet Fishing Kit

BOOMCOOL Magnet Fishing Kit

You’ve got an enormous metal thing to pull out of a lake? No worries, with over 1700 lbs of pulling capacity, the BoomCool magnet can do that without breaking a sweat. Apart from that, it has got a ton of other features that make it the strongest magnet for magnet fishing.

User Experience

  • Drags heavy duty items
  • Holds on to the objects pretty well
  • Flashy hook makes dragging easier
  • Comes with the kits for the job
  • Doesn’t do any good for straight pulling


  • Magnet weight: 4.41 pounds
  • Build material: Neodymium
  • Drag capacity: 1700 Lbs
  • Rope length: Not included
  • Magnet size: 3.7” x 1”
  • Kit box: Not included
  • Included kits: Threadlocker, Rope, gloves and carabiner

Why We love it

The beast at its best, that’s the way this magnet can be described if you’re up for serious magnet fishing. It comes with a whooping 1700 lbs of pulling capacity that works on both sides. Since it’s a double sided one, it works best for dragging.

With that much capacity, you can easily rely on this beast for heavy duty commercial or tactical magnet hunting. To help you on that, this magnet also comes with everything you’d need for the job from throwing in, to pulling out.

As for the kit, you’ll get a 100 feet rope that is extensively long enough for almost any purpose. Besides, you’ll get an eye bolt as well as a carabiner to hook the rope and start with the job. Besides, they included a threadlocker for higher fix in.

Sure, it does fall short a little on pulling directly from the edge, but it has got the best dragging capacity altogether! Now, what about things like dragging on the side? Well, no matter which side this magnet holds onto a metal, there’s no way out!

Quick Facts

  • Has magnetic strength on both sides
  • High strength Neodymium build
  • Heavy 1700 lbs of drag capacity
  • Comes with rope and gloves
  • Great for bed scouting and searches


  • Does both for pulling and dragging
  • Has a rubbery O-ring for better handling
  • No need for an extra carabiner or eye bolt
  • Rope and threadlocker are included
  • Includes cut resistant and waterproof gloves


  • Doesn’t do well for pulling because of the design

Why Should You Buy It?

BoomCool is the right magnet if you’re looking for a magnet that does its job with absolute results. You’ll get a 1700 lbs dragging capacity with this magnet along with the kits included, all form an affordable price. No need to worry about letting a finding go only because of less power!

5) Best for Tactical pulling: Brute Magnetics Single-Sided 1000 lb Magnet

Brute Magnetics Single-Sided 1000 lb Magnet

Having a reliable magnet that’s true to its pulling power is imminent when you’re up for preciseness. If this matches your current need, look no further and get this single sided magnet from Brute Magnetics.

User Experience

  • Doesn’t let go once caught up with a metal
  • Impressive enough with great portability
  • Good enough pull force for high-mid fishing
  • Seamless design on the bolt and finish
  • Doesn’t require extra tools to get started


  • Build material: Neodymium
  • Magnet weight: 1.99 pounds
  • Pull capacity: 1000 pounds
  • Rope length: not included
  • Kit box: not included
  • Included kits: carabiner, O-ring

Why We love it

If you have experience with magnet fishing but aren’t the best pro around, 1000 lbs of pulling force is just enough. This magnet with such pull capacity is made of Neodymium. Because of that, this magnet can give you the most reliable support underwater.

Since this magnet is single sided, pulling is the best method you can make use it with. While dragging won’t be as efficient, pulling at a high pace at a tactical level won’t be an issue. Plus, the A3 steel casing will give you a superior magnet fishing experience.

To ensure a superior pulling capacity, Brute made this magnet rated for high end usage. This magnet has a N42 magnet rating with over 13200 gauss of pressure on board. With such efficiency, you can rely on it for delicate jobs like treasure hunting.

Let’s not overlook the intuitive usage experience this magnet is offering with its design. You’ll get a countersunk bolt hole on it for a flashy covering. No worries, to make the joint even more robust, Brute includes a threadlocker with the shipped kit.

With a 1.99 lbs mass, handling the magnet will be a breeze because of the lightweight construction. If you’re on the move with your RV, do environmental cleanup, or have industrial applications, this reliable magnet won’t disappoint you.

Quick Facts

  • 13200 gauss N42 magnet rating
  • 1000 pounds of pulling capacity
  • 1.99 lbs lightweight construction
  • Included threadlocker in the kit
  • Countersunk eye loop screw hole


  • Easy to carry around and store in a compact space
  • Precise pulling capacity with good quality magnet
  • Doesn’t hurdle the pull if used without dragging
  • Enough magnet capacity rating for reliable pulls
  • Comes with its own carabiner and thread locker


  • Doesn’t do well while dragging
  • Doesn’t come with a rope ready to go

Why Should You Buy It?

If you’re after tactical usage of the magnet and want the most precise outcome, this magnet your best bet. Taking the pulling capacity into account, if you often do pulling instead of dragging, it’s the magnet to recommend for sure.

6) Best value for money: Wukong 760LB Super Strong Neodymium Magnet

Wukong 760LB Super Strong Neodymium Magnet

To get the best value for the investment, you need a piece that comes fully packaged. If you’re mostly after a fully equipped magnet kit to feed your passion, the Wukong magnet is the one. It offers everything you need while keeping the budget in grasp.

User Experience

  • Allows both dragging and pulling with 2-in-1 setup
  • Doesn’t fall short on versatile magnet fishing
  • Pulls reliably with a 67 mm Diameter magnet
  • Retrieving is easier with the cut-free gloves
  • Easy to control with the included kits


  • Build material: Neodymium
  • Magnet weight: 2.83 pounds
  • Pull capacity: 760 pounds
  • Rope length: 66 feet
  • Kit box: not included
  • Included kits: Gloves, carabiner, eyelet

Why We love it

The first thing about this magnet is how complete this package comes with, and at what price! You’re getting a fully equipped magnet kit that is fully ready to go into the river to get you the real deal in the job. And that is also while keeping it super affordable.

While keeping it affordable with a good price, Wukong didn’t limit the capacities of this magnet too much. You’re getting a 760 lbs of pulling capacity on this magnet which is fairly enough for any mid-tire hobbyist, or even pro magnet fishers.

Worried whether you’re pulling or dragging? No worries, this thing gives you both! You can choose whether you want to go pulling today, or prefer dragging! All you have to do is install the eyelet accordingly. It has threads on both one side and the wheel.

Another great thing about this design is you’re not anymore bound to carry two different magnets for each purpose anymore. You can carry this one magnet and do both dragging or pulling. Plus, the weight is in the bright side as well with only a 2.83 lbs.

As far as the build material is concerned, like as always, we’ve chosen it because it offers a Neodymium build! Despite having a low price, this magnet has enough traction to put you on the game with solid confidence with a find.

Quick Facts

  • Neodymium construction
  • 760 lbs of pull or drag capacity
  • 2.83 pounds of magnet weight
  • Rope is polypropylene made
  • Carabiner is included


  • Included gloves, carabiner, and rope
  • Dual eye loop screw holes
  • Does both pulling and dragging
  • Magnet capacity is good for the price
  • Beginner-friendly design and use


  • Doesn’t come with a threadlocker

Why Should You Buy It?

The Wukong magnet is the best option if you’re looking for the best value for the money you’re spending. You’ll get 760 lbs of both dragging and pulling capacity as it’s a 2-in-1 magnet. Plus, the package comes with its own rope (66 ft), gloves, and a carabiner.

7) Best for beginners: MUTUACTOR 400lb Fishing Magnet Kit

MUTUACTOR 400lb Fishing Magnet Kit

Are you a beginner in magnet fishing and want the most reliable piece to start out with? Getting the Mutuactor magnet with 400 lbs of pulling capacity is your best bet. It comes with a setup ready to go into the water right after you purchase it. Let’s discuss what makes it the best magnet fishing kit for beginners.

User Experience

  • Comes ready to use right after unpacking.
  • The gloves do great in water against cuts
  • There’s an included pouch to carry them around
  • Pulling the rope is convenient for good grip
  • Lightweight and versatile for any situation


  • Build material: Neodymium
  • Magnet weight: 1.53 Pounds
  • Pull capacity: 400 pounds
  • Rope length: 66 feet (20m)
  • Kit box: Included carry pouch
  • Included kits: Gloves, rope, carabiner

Why We love it

Beginners need the absolute easy things to start magnet fishing with. You cannot go start with a super heavy magnet just when you’re starting out. Therefore, we’ve selected this beginner-friendly magnet from Mutuactor that did think it through for beginners.

First off, you’re getting a fully equipped set of magnet that is ready to go into the water without anything else. You can just unpack, hook it up, and throw into the river. Since it includes a huge 66 feet nylon rope, reaching into the bottom of a lake or small river won’t be an issue.

Although it’s a starter, the material should be robust, like the pros have. So, Mutuactor has made this magnet with the best material, Neodymium, the rare earth material, best known for magnets. This material, with a good capacity, will surely satisfy you with flawless pulls.

Well, they didn’t compromise on portability of this magnet. It weighs only 1.53 Pounds which is impressive! You can carry it around without any trouble. The pull capacity also doesn’t get affected because of the light construction.

Recovery from the river or lake should not be an issue. It’s capable of doing industrial and scientific findings and recoveries. And the extensively long rope with an included carabiner, installing the magnet and getting it ready will be easier as well.

Quick Facts

  • Super strong Neodymium build
  • Everything included from gloves to ropes
  • 400 lbs of vertical pulling capacity
  • 2.36” diameter small footprint
  • Lightweight and has a carry pouch


  • Super beginner friendly and doesn’t cost much
  • No hassle for tying the rope for this model
  • Good enough pulling force for beginners
  • Super strong nylon pulling rope for retrieving
  • Corrosion-resistance coating for salt water


● Doesn’t come with a thread locker

Why Should You Buy It?

This magnet is for those who need a ready magnet kit to go into the job without much setup. The 400 lbs pulling capacity should be just enough for any beginner. Plus, since it’s made of neodymium and is small, it’s the best size magnet for magnet fishing that you can carry around.

8) Best for any skill level: Brute Magnetics 575 lb Fishing Magnet

Brute Magnetics 575 lb Fishing Magnet

Imagine going into the magnet hunting with your family where you have all your family members participate in the game. You need a magnet that offers versatile usage for all skill levels. That’s where this 575 lbs pulling capacity magnet from Brute comes into play.

User Experience

  • Robust build quality, so it withstands any abuse
  • Super easy to carry around for a light build
  • Holds on the finding very well with a strong magnet
  • Doesn’t take a lot of expertise for any users
  • Pulls heavy objects and is perfect for treasure


  • Build material: Neodymium
  • Magnet weight: 1.46 pounds
  • Pull capacity: 576 pounds
  • Rope length: Not included
  • Kit box: not included
  • Included kits: Threadlocker

Why We love it

The best thing about this magnet is its versatility for all skill-level people who want a share into the game without fail. It’s made of Neodymium, the strongest and best rare earth material that gives magnets the most potency.

It’s a single-sided magnet, which means you’ll find it super useful if you do it from the deck of your boat. Going on a family trip on a boat? This thing will be your best toy! No worries if you’re going offshore because it’s compatible with marine water as well.

There’s a steel covering along the magnet to keep it safe from both scratches and heavy bumps. The locking eyelet hook is robust and you’re getting it with a countersunk design to stay flush. Not to mention, Brute includes a thread locker to lock the bolt firm.

You can apply that and do heavy magnet pulling without having a layoff. And since it’s rated for over 576 pounds of pulling capacity, you can do just about any magnet hunting job on the go. The use cases are not limited as you can do anything from eco recuse to treasure hunts.

Quick Facts

  • Has a 576 lbs of weight pulling capacity
  • Offers a countersunk bolt hole
  • Neodymium construction
  • Stainless steel coating for loner usage


  • Suitable for all skill level magnet fishing
  • Magnet build material is super strong
  • Comes with its own market with the keys.
  • It’s easy to operate with a countersunk hole
  • Separation and cleaning are super easy


  • Makes few to no work for heavy pulls above 600 lbs

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want a piece of magnet to pull heavy objects of up to 576 lbs with or without good skill, you’ll love this one. You will get a Neodymium magnet construction with steel casing around it. It retails with a bolt hole eyelet that works with a countersunk bolt.

9) Best for grappling: MHDMAG Double Sided 1000lbs Magnet Kit

MHDMAG Double Sided 1000lbs Magnet Kit

Grappling is by far the most efficient way to enhance the magnet fishing experience. It helps pulling or dragging heavy objects a lot easier, as well as fishing for non-metalic objects. If you’re into it, no worries, this magnet comes with a grappling hook right in the package.

User Experience

  • Great for dragging with double faced magnet
  • Grappling becomes easier if the magnet gets stuck
  • Good enough strength for heavy dragging
  • Works perfectly for scouting and treasure hunting
  • Grappling becomes easier with the included hook


  • Build material: Neodymium
  • Magnet weight: 4.44 pounds
  • Pull capacity: 1000 pounds
  • Rope length: 100 feet
  • Kit box: not included
  • Included kits: Gloves, grappling hooks

Why We love it

The MHDMAG double sided magnet comes fully equipped for you to go into the game without additional purchases. Anything you need, from the magnet itself, to gloves, rope, and the eyehole for getting your gear ready.

Well, that’s not all, there’s more! You’ll also get a 3-claw grappling hook which will enhance your magnet fishing experience. It will help you retrieve stubborn findings. This thing will also help you pull out non-magnetic things if you wish that!

Now, as for the other advantages you’ll get from this magnet, are the regular ones like heavy build. It has got a Neodymium build that is absolutely insane at its job. Plus, the 1000 lbs of dragging capacity makes it worth getting, especially with a grappling hook on board.

Another great thing about this magnet is you can take it to marine magnet fishing. It’s fully rust and corrosion resistant with triple layer protection with a copper core and nickel on both sides. Plus, the magnet is surrounded by steel plating for a longer and superior lifespan.

Handling this magnet will be a breeze as it weighs only 4.44 lbs inside its 2.95” diameter footprint! As for the rest of the rest of the items, you’re backed with a high end build as well. The grappling hook is made of stainless steel and the rope has a heavy-duty nylon build.

As you drag your finds, the cut and water-resistant gloves will come in handy. They’ll also keep you safe while handling suspicious or dangerous metal objects after retrieving them from the water. Whether you’re after treasure hunting or salvaging magnet fishing, it works great.

Quick Facts

  • 1000 lbs of dragging capacity
  • Double sided construction
  • Neodymium build material
  • 3 claw stainless steel grappling hook
  • 4.44 lbs weight with included eyelet


  • Everything included in the package for magnet fishing
  • Good build quality and material (nylon and Neodymium)
  • Grappling hook has grabbing teeth on the claw side
  • Designed to work in both sweet and salt water
  • Well constructed for dragging (double sided)


  • Pulling capacity will be far less because of double sided design

Why Should You Buy It?

If you’re interested in a versatile way of magnet fishing, going for the MHDMAG magnet is your best bet. It comes with a very well built construction alongside a highly protective covering. And the best part, it comes with a stainless steel grappling hook with 3 high grip claws.

10) Best for Salt water: MUTUACTOR 1300LBS Heavy Duty Fishing Magnet

MUTUACTOR 1300LBS Heavy Duty Fishing Magnet

Are you mostly into magnet fishing without having to worry about what water you’re putting yourself in? In that case, this heavy magnet with 1300 lbs of pulling capacity from MUTUACTOR is what you need. It’s great for both salt and regular water. Let’s get to know it:

User Experience

  • Perfectly works in all kinds of water
  • Easy and safe to use with the taken measures
  • Super handy to carry around
  • Strong enough for heavy metal objects
  • Not the best option for dragging though


  • Build material: Neodymium
  • Magnet weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Pull capacity: 1300 pounds
  • Rope length: 49 feet
  • Kit box: Included, rugged carry case
  • Included kits: Grappling hooks, carabiner, scrapper, rope, gloves

Why We love it

First things first, you’re getting a heavy-duty Neodymium made magnet that will not disappoint you with a low quality pull. With that heavy build featuring a N52 magnet rating for maximum assurance of strength, it’s the best magnet kit for magnet fishing.

The best part of this magnet is not that, it’s best for the versatility of rigidity in both fresh and saltwater. If you’re planning for magnet fishing near the shore and shallow water while lurking around the beach. No worries, it works in the deep sea just fine.

It has a triple layer corrosion-resistance coating of Ni+Cu+Ni that will keep the magnet free from damages because of salty water. Not only that, this coating will keep it safe from damp storage, corrosion, and other issues that bad weather can cause.

You’ll get this magnet equipped with all the necessary tools and kits that’ll help you do the job efficiently without a second purchase. First, the set includes a carabiner for hooking, the rope, a pair of gloves, a scraper for hands-free separation of metal.

Alongside these tools, the grappling hook will add an extra convenience to your magnet fishing experience. The rope is made of polypropylene with a ¼” diameter, enough for heavy pulls for sure. Plus, the countersunk bolt with threadlocker (included), it’ll stay in place with might.

Quick Facts

  • N52 Neodymium construction
  • 1300 lbs of pulling capacity
  • 4.4 lbs weight with single sided design
  • Included everything with a carry case
  • Grappling hook (3 claws) included


  • Heavy duty N52 rated Neodymium magnet
  • Comes with everything needed for the job
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The case is rugged and well organized
  • Good for both salt and fresh water


  • The included rope could be longer

Why Should You Buy It?

This magnet will be a great pick if you’re after one that does well in saltwater. Well, it performs great with a rated Neodymium magnet of N52, for the assurance of not letting go. Plus, if you’re ever caught up with a large object, it comes with a grappling hook, let alone the rope and case.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Magnet for Magnet Fishing

Getting your first magnet kit should not be a bad experience just because you don’t know the things to check for. No worries, we’ve compiled the most essential things to look for while shopping for your next magnet kit.

Here are the must-have features of magnet for magnet fishing to help you pick one on your own:

The weight you plan to pull

Depending on whether you’re a pro at magnet fishing or just starting out, you want to determine the weight you’re pulling/dragging in prior. The rule of thumb is, you need to get a higher power than needed.

Pulling power of the magnet

If you plan on treasure hunting and plan to pull up to 500 lbs of weight, get a magnet with at least 600 lbs of pulling/dragging capacity. Plus, if you’re getting a 2-in-1, make sure it’s much higher as the power may vary on either side.

How much the magnet weighs

The weight of the magnet itself is as crucial as the weight you want to pull/drag. With a heavy magnet, you’ll have less control over the retrieve. So, make sure it’s neither too heavy, nor too lightweight that doesn’t give you a solid feel.

Protective coating

The magnet might end up with multiple damages once you throw it into the harsh bottom of a lake. Manufacturers, therefore, usually give a solid extra layer of coating on the magnet. You need to consider that before buying one.

Necessary Peripherals

A magnet that comes with as many necessary peripherals as possible, that’s what you’d look for. Some of the most common peripherals are: carabiner, grappling hook, gloves, carry bat, etc. that you might find in a package.

Heavy duty case

Okay, this is to compliment the peripherals you get or have with your magnet. If you leave the steel objects not separated from each other, Otherwise, if things mix up, that may end up with bad news!

How to use a fishing magnet safely and efficiently?

Using a magnet for fishing metal is no easy job even though it seems obvious on the easier side. There are some serious precautions in prior to using such a powerful magnet because of the dangers it comes with.

How to use a fishing magnet safely and efficiently?

Here are the most crucial ones:

Never come closer to a pacemaker

A pacemaker is a serious machine that keeps one alive, and a strong magnet can do the exact opposite. Since the pacemaker is sensitive to magnetic fields, never bring the magnet closer to a person wearing a pacemaker. This may result in catastrophic outcomes.

Use a carabiner and threadlocker

Using a carabiner, an O-ring with the eyelet bolt, alongside aplying threadlocker will ensure you have enough hold of it. Make sure you have a good set of these tools in your kit box. Besides, a countersunk hole will sweeten the game to a new extent.

Keep away from children

Children are no match for a strong magnet made of Neodymium. The kid might end up putting the magnet on metal with his/her hand or feet in between. And as you can imagine, that can translate into a smashed hand or a broken leg. No way you’d ever want that!

Don’t put close to metal essentials

Dealing with a powerful magnet is no simple thing. You need to keep it away from undesired metal objects at all times. And that becomes even more important when it’s about your phone, card, or computers; just to name a few.

Watch on your hand and fingers

While handling the Neodymium magnet, be extra cautious with your hands, especially fingers. If you end up putting your fingers in between two magnets or a magnet while the counterpart also can be a steel plate.

Use cut resistant gloves

While retrieving a rope with a heavy weight at the furthest end requires safety measures. Using good quality gloves is the first thing here to consider. Be sure you have a cut and water resistant gloves that you can rely on.

Handle a finding carefully

More about handling magnet fishing mechanism. You need to deal with it safely without going blind. You must inspect the find before putting your hands on unwanted sharp objects like needles is no good idea.

Frequently Asked Question

How much weight capacity is good for magnet fishing?

For most people, a 500 lbs pull/dragging capacity should be just fine. However, if you’re a regular magnet fisher, you want to go for a higher number at around 700 lbs. For a high-end pro hunter, the capacity can be anywhere between 1000 lbs to 4000 lbs.

Is a double sided magnet better for magnet fishing?

Double sided magnets have magnetic capacity on both sides of the magnet. These are great for dragging if you’re not into pulling a lot. So, the answer is, if you mostly drag, you want to go with a double sided magnet, and for pulling often, single sided do better.

This is because with a double sided magnet, you have control over the object no matter which side is up.

Is magnet fishing illegal in the US?

There’s currently no federal law in the USA that prevents or restricts magnet fishing. However, you cannot just go to any place and magnet fishing. Make sure it’s not a private space where you don’t have the right to do anything.

Do you need a License to go magnet fishing?

As of now, you don’t need a dedicated license to go magnet fishing as you do for regular fishing. SO, you’re free to go anywhere legal, throw in the magnet into the water, and hopefully hunt some real treasure!

How long does neodymium magnet last?

Neodymium has its reputation for being an insane material that doesn’t decay for a lifetime if taken good care of. With proper care, you can expect your Neodymium magnet to last 100 years straight.

Even NASA uses it for their space flights. However, since you might damage the magnet anyway, it’s now on you how long you want it to survive.

Are magnets bad for fish?

As for magnet fishing, if you’re concerned about harming the fish underwater, don’t be. Since you’re not leaving it in the water and it’s not all rusted, the fish are just fine with your magnet around them.


So, that’s pretty much it! You should now be pretty knowledgeable about which magnet to go with for magnet fishing. We’ve reviewed only the most promising ones that are made of Neodymium build, with distinct features to set apart.

However, if you want our editorial choice of the overall best magnet for magnet fishing, that’d be the Brute Magnetics Neodymium Magnet. It has a huge 1200 lbs of pulling capacity with a very strong Neodymium construction. Besides, you will get a complete setup of rope, thread locker, and carabiner, alongside the rugged water-tight box.

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