8 Best Rods For Texas Rig ( Top Models for 2022)

Do you love bass fishing with the Texas-rigged technique? So, today’s writing is solely for you. I am a bass angler and have preferred hunting fishes in the lakes, canals, ponds, and rivers for a decade. In my personal experience, I dominate worm fishing by applying the Texas rig technique.

And I think the performance of the Texas rigging mostly depends on the fishing rods. Every fisher wishes to pick the best rods for the Texas rig to confirm conclusive power and action. The power and action determine the stability and flexibility of the fishing rods in tough times.

Best Rods For Texas Rig

The soft plastic baits attached with the best bass rod for the Texas rig perform proficiently to attract fish. You will feel confident in freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing with durable and dependable rods. However, it doesn’t seem easy to say what fishing rod is the best in a word.

Therefore, I want to help you pick the right fishing rods through my decade of experience and performance-driven market research. I hope that the comparison chart and buying guide will lead you to reach the best rods for the Texas rig. So, let’s find it!

What Size Rod Is The Best For The Texas Rig?

The proper rod size is essential for the Texas-rigged fishing technique. It defines the performance of the bass catching rations. The rod length has a great impact on the overall fishing environment. Nowadays, most anglers equally focus on the rod length, including the manufacturing materials.

My personal experience says that the bigger rods offer longer casts with less accuracy. And the shorter rods confirm more accuracy with less cast. According to professional anglers, the ideal Texas rig rod length is between 6.5-feet and 7.5 feet.

The rod size for the Texas rig has a minimum of five fundamental impacts on bass fishing. So, consider the issues before fixing the length of fishing rods.

  • Casting Distance: An angler should fix whether the Texas rig cast longer or shorter distance. It is a simple equation that long rods cast long distances where short rods are for short distances. For example, a 7-feet rod is ideal for 40-feet casting, and a 30-feet rod is enough for a 120-feet casting distance.
  • Maintaining Accuracy: If we talk about fishing accuracy, the short rods will be ahead. My short fishing rods are more manageable and maneuverable than the longer ones. The rods with 7-feet or less are the right choices for maintaining pinpoint accuracy with less effort.
  • Fishing leverage: The leverage is important for hook-penetration and retention of fish with the Texas rig hooks. The longer and heavier rods are ideal for longer leverage than the shorter rods. You should pick the longer rod to throw jerkbaits or crankbaits with multiple hooks.
  • Maximizing comfort: The rod is entirely a personal fishing tool that may vary from one person to another.Bass fishing may take hours and tons of energy to have a shining day. The rod length determines the comfort during throwing, pitching and holding the fishing wheels. Most anglers feel comfortable with fishing rods of 6.5 or 7-feet length. You can try too!
  • Perfect pitching: The pitching norm is also a critical determiner of choosing a fishing rod with an ideal length. Otherwise, you may understand what is going with your Texas-rigged hooks. I get better pitching output from my 7-feet medium-heavy action rods.

The bottom line is the rod length depends entirely on the fishing fashion and fishers’ choice. It may vary from one angler to another. However, most anglers feel free to handle the rods between 6.5-feet and 7.5-feet in length. Now it’s your choice!

What Is The Best Rod Action For The Texas Rigging?

The fishing rod action is common in three types: fast, medium, and slow actions. It rates the flexibility of the rod top under pressure. When you are looking for the best rods for the Texas rig, the action rating is crucial to consider. Let’s find the best rod action for the Texas-rigged fishing technique.

Best Rod Action For The Texas Rigging
  • Fast Action: Both beginners and experts prefer the fast rod action for Texas rig fishing. The rods with fast action bend between 20% and 30% from their top. Most anglers like this action for faster hook setting and sensitive bite monitoring. It lets you target different species with a handful of techniques.
  • Moderate Action: The rod bends at 30-40% from its top with moderate action. It allows the fishing rods larger flex for greater casting. The bass fishing anglers love the moderate action for targeting big fish with aggressive lures. It is ideal for throwing crankbaits and spinnerbaits to catch larger basses.
  • Slow Action: The slow action rating offers 50% or more bending for casting small lures. You may choose the fishing rods with slow rating action to catch panfish and trout. It helps anglers fish at the light and clear lines with parabolic flex slow rating.

In verdict, the bass anglers consider the fast rating the best action for the Texas rigging. And the fast action rod is imperative for fishing in the thick structure and vegetation along with the submerged brush.

What Are The Best Rods For The Texas Rig?

Finding the best rods for bass fishing seems challenging when many brands and versions are available around you. So, let’s have a quick search for the best rods for the Texas rig.

  1. Best for power: St. Croix Medium/Fast Bass Casting Rod
  2. Best for accuracy: Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Fishing Rod
  3. Best for gripping: KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Rod
  4. Best for strength: St. Croix Mojo Bass Medium-Fast Spinning Rod
  5. Best for sensitivity: Lew’s Mach 2 Medium Casting Rod Series
  6. Best for comfort: Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod
  7. Best for natural handle: Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod
  8. Best for power transition: KastKing Royale Select Casting Fishing Rod

Comparison Chart

We have prepared the conclusive comparison chart to let you choose the best rod. Let’s compare the features and functions and select the best-suited one for the Texas rig fishing

Best rod for the Texas rigBest forLengthPowerActionTechnique
St. Croix Medium/Fast Bass Casting RodBest for power7-feet and 1-inchMedium-heavyFastCasting
Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Fishing RodBest for accuracy6.5-feetMedium-heavyFastCasting
KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series RodBest for gripping7-feetMediumFastMulti-purpose
St. Croix Mojo Bass Medium-Fast Spinning RodBest for strength6-feet and 10-inchMedium-lightX-FastSpinning
Lew’s Mach 2 Medium Casting Rod SeriesBest for sensitivity7-feetMedium-heavyFastCasting
Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing RodBest for comfort9-feetMediumModerate-FastSpinning
Falcon Rods HD Casting RodBest for natural handle6.5-feetMediumMediumCasting
KastKing Royale Select Casting Fishing RodBest for power transition6.5-feetMediumFastCasting/Spinning

8 Best Rods For The Texas Rig In 2022

Unless you have a proper guideline, purchasing the best rod for the Texas rig is a tough task.And your investment may be worthless with an ineffective fishing rod selection. I want to help you suggest the following fishing rods for the Texas rig. Let’s review them and compare them in the market.

1. St. Croix Medium/Fast Bass Casting Rod– Best for power

Since 1945, St. Croix has had advanced bass anglers with cutting-edge innovative fishing rods. The fishing rod manufacturing company has gifted from multi-section bamboo poles to fortified resin system (FRS) & taper enhancement technology (TET) rods. Let’s review its latest mojo bass medium/fast casting rod.

St. Croix Medium/Fast Bass Casting Rod

High-strength Carbon Construction

The St. Croix mojo medium/fast fishing rod is durable enough with premium SCIII carbon construction. The fortified resign system confirms its unparalleled strength along with integrated poly curve mandrel technology. Therefore, the fishers get longer casting with maximum accuracy.

Premium Grip

The fishing rod comes with a comfortable split grip. It offers a strong grip on the fishing rod to tackle the toughest time. And the premium-grade contoured cork handle helps maintain high and medium rod actions.

Firm Features

The manufacturer has tuned every part of the fishing rod with high-profile features. For example, it has a FUJI ECS reel seat, kigan hook-keeper, aluminum-oxide rings, slim ferrules, and a pure-finished frame.


The fishing rod is durable enough to fish in the thick construction and vegetation. The premium SCIII carbon fiber material prevents deforming to fight against big fish under extreme load.

Accurate Action

The fishing rod manufacturing company has developed the particular item with medium/fast action. Therefore, the anglers get the required flexibility on the tip and the middle blank of the rod. It confirms accurate action in handling the toughest situation underwater.0

Extreme Power

The fishing rod comes with a medium-height power structure for extreme pressure absorption. It is efficient enough to maintain the proper cast of lure weight and line size. Therefore, the fishers find purpose-driven performance in size, power, and action to fish under challenging river channels.

Modern Maneuvering

The manufacturer has applied all modern maneuvering mechanisms to make the fishing rod unique in the market. It is highly strong with the advanced reinforcing technology (ART) and durable enough with integrated poly curve mandrel technology. In addition, the fortified reign system offers unparalleled strength to the fishing rod.

Item Specifications

  • Type: Casting rod
  • Brand: St. Croix Rods
  • Material: Blended premium SCIII carbon fiber construction
  • Dimension: 85x3x3-inches (LxWxH)
  • Rod Length: 7-feet and 1-inch
  • Style: 7-feet and 1-inch medium-heavy/fast 1Pc action
  • Weight: 2-lbs
  • Grip Type: Split
  • Handle Material: Cork
  • Color: Titanium
  • Fishing Technique: Casting
  • Recommended For: Uni-sex adult
  • Warranty: 5-years

Quick Facts: Worthy Words!

  • The St. Croix medium-heavy/fast fishing rod is dependable in features and durable in functions. It makes anglers confident to fish in the challenging channels.
  • The fishing rod is unparalleled in power and action to hunt monsters at any depth. It offers an unforgettable fishing experience in the saltwater.
  • You will find the fishing rod quite responsive and effective in handling unexpected hazards underwater. The premium-grade contoured cork ensures a strong grip to grab giant fish.

Pros to Prefer

  • Premium SCIII carbon construction
  • Faster action
  • Medium-heavy power
  • Purpose-driven performance
  • Durable and responsive
  • Precise and stable
  • Modern manufacturing technology
  • Quality-controlled material for maximum strength and longevity

Cons to Consider

  • Not available in multiple colors


Q. Is the 7’1” rod good for bass fishing?

Yes, I enjoy bass fishing with the St. Croix 7’1” mojo bass medium-fast casting rod. You can try too!

Q. Is this a casting or spinning rod?

Undoubtedly, the St. Croix mojo bass medium-fast is a casting rod. However, never mind talking to your seller to fix the issue.

Q. Can I go saltwater fishing with the rod?

Why not! The 7’1” bass casting rod is responsive and strong enough to fish in the saltwater sea channels.

Q. What is the warranty policy?

If you purchase the fishing rod from the authorized sellers, you will enjoy a five years warranty.

2. Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Fishing Rod – Best for accuracy

Bass anglers love Dobyns’ fishing rods for accuracy, strength, and durability. Dobyns deliver strong, balanced casting rods for the Texas rigs, flukes, jigs, and senkos. The manufacturer has brought the Fury Series casting fishing rod for maximum customer satisfaction. Let’s find out more about the rod.

Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Fishing Rod

Premium Material

Dobyns has developed the casting rod with premium graphite material. The high-modulus graphite blanks are light and strong enough to sustain at any challenging condition. It confirms the maximum strength and durability of the casting rod.

Balanced Performance

The Fury Series is exceptional from conventional casting rods due to its sensitive, strong, and balanced performance. It offers anglers the perfect combination of high-modulus graphite blanks, FUJI reel seat, AA-grade cork grip, high-density hypalon butt, and Kevlar wrapping.

Uncompromising Accuracy

Anglers consider the Fury Series as one of the best rods for the Texas rigs with uncompromising accuracy. It offers maximum sensitivity from line to hand. Therefore, the anglers get tireless pinpoint casting accuracy.

Comfortable Gripping

The fishing rod has a 14-inch cork split handle for the highest comfort with day-long casting. The AA-grade high-density Portugal cork grip on the EVA butt boosts the gripping pleasure. It confirms a conclusive gripping performance.


The Fury Series is applicable for the Texas rigs, jigs, flukes, senkos, and spinner baits fishing techniques. It is a budget-friendly casting rod for advancing fishers at the next level. The anglers enjoy the outstanding performance of the multifunctional fishing rod.

Lifetime Warranty

Dobyns assures a lifetime warranty of the fishing rod against any defect or deformation. It cares about the original customers’ satisfaction with smooth service under the limited lifetime warranty policy.

Item Specifications

  • Type: Casting rod
  • Brand: Dobyns Rods
  • Material: Premium graphite
  • Rod Length: 6.5-feet
  • Hand Orientation: Both right and left
  • Style: Medium/Heavy
  • Grip Type: Split
  • Handle: 14-inch cork split
  • Color: Black and green
  • Fishing Technique: Casting
  • Assembly: High-modulus graphite blanks, FUJI reel seat, and AA-grade cork grip
  • Recommended For: Uni-sex adult
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

Quick Facts: Worthy Words!

  • The high-performing casting rod adds great value to bass fishing with the Texas rigs technique. It offers a pleasant fishing experience in every situation.
  • The Fury Series is one of the best bass rods for the Texas rigs with a sensitive, compact, and lightweight design. The fishing rod is balanced with proper power and action ratio.
  • Dobyns has made it strong and sturdy enough to fight against big basses. It is well-structured and fine-tuned with quality materials.

Pros to Prefer

  • Quality manufacturing materials
  • Well-structured and proper-finished
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Durable and indomitable
  • Multifunctional for the Texas rigs and other techniques
  • Appropriate casting accuracy
  • Comfortable gripping
  • Exceptional fishing value
  • Balanced performance

Cons to Consider

  • It seems somewhat expensive.


Q. Is it a casting or spinning rod?

The 6.5-feet Fury Series is a medium-heavy casting rod. It confirms stable casting from line to hand.

Q. Is the fishing rod medium-heavy or medium?

The casting rod is a medium-heavy fishing rod with balanced power, action, and performance.

Q. Is the warranty for an unlimited period?

Dobyns believes in decent customer dealing. Therefore, it confirms a limited lifetime warranty against any deformation for the authorized buyers.

3. KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Rod– Best for gripping

KastKing believes in affordable innovation with the latest technology. The manufacturer has placed the art of fishing rod building to the next level with years of experience. The Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series fishing rod is such an innovation. Let’s check all about the item.

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Rod

Customized Design

KastKing has designed the fishing rod with its elite carbon blanks. It utilizes carbon nano resin technology to make the rod lighter but stronger. The ultimate fishing tool lets you customize 15+ fishing techniques.


The manufacturer has developed the Speed Demon Pro rod with elite carbon blanks and nano resin technology. The elite carbon blanks are 30% stronger than the regular graphite blanks. As a result, the fishing rod is a lighter, stronger, sensitive pro.

Stable Lines

The fishing rod has a Fuji guide and a firm reel seat to keep lines stable in the right direction. It protects casting lines from fraying or slowing down by the inferior guides. The finest Fuji guides confirm stability in all conditions.

Comfortable Grip

The speed demon pro rod has a WINN golf-style grip and fighting butt for smoother and stronger gripping. It offers a tireless holding experience for hours. The custom WINN handle and fighting butt keep your hands free from getting fatigued by overfishing.


KastKing has made the speed demon rod lightweight with S-glass composite blend and high-modulus graphite materials. The well-balanced thin rod blank is ideal for soft crankbait action or anything the anglers want.


The speed demon fishing rod is versatile in action and performance. It will bring you to the next level of fishing experience with its uncompromising performance. All rod segments, including length, weight, action, and power prove their purpose-driven performance. The particular series has 15 specific techniques and actions.


The manufacturer has turned the rod into a truly performing fishing tool with years of experience and cutting-edge technological applications. It never lets you compromise with any conditions. The speed demon rod is to make you bright on your boat 24/7.

Item Specifications

  • Type: Casting/spinning rod
  • Brand: KastKing
  • Material: S-glass composite and high-modulus graphite materials
  • Rod Length: 7-feet
  • Guide: The finest FUJI
  • Style: Medium/Heavy
  • Grip Type: WINN golf-style main grip
  • Butt: WINN golf-style fighting butt
  • Handle: Custom WINN handle
  • Fishing Technique: Multi-purpose
  • Target Species: Multi-species
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium
  • Recommended For: Uni-sex adult

Quick Facts: Worthy Words!

  • The speed demon pro tournament series rod is impressive for multi-species worm fishing like spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and crankbaits.
  • You can consider it one of the best rods for the Texas rig fishing technique with technique-specific actions and lengths.
  • The performance-driven manufacturing has made the fishing rod unparalleled for fishing more, having less effort.
  • It is a true fishing tool with ultimate sensitivity, durability, and affordability.

Pros to Prefer

  • Built with the latest technology
  • Own elite carbon blanks
  • Ultimate sensitivity
  • Durable design
  • Powerful action
  • Comfortable gripping
  • Handy handle
  • The finest guide and reel
  • Tireless stability
  • Pure performance for hours

Cons to Consider

  • No warranty from the manufacturer!


Q. Is the fishing rod usable in saltwater?

Yes, the speed demon pro tournament series fishing rod is usable in saltwater to catch giant fish. I enjoy fishing in the sea channels with the rod.

Q. Can I hold it for hours?

The fishing rod comes with WINN golf-style main grip and fighting butt for comfortable gripping for hours to fish a lot.

Q. What worms can I use to lure with the fishing rod?

You can use any worm to lure fish like spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and crankbaits. It offers you freedom of fishing.

4. St. Croix Mojo Bass Medium-Fast Spinning Rod-Best for strength

Over the years, St. Croix has been a dependable name to thousands of anglers worldwide. The rod manufacturing company commits to offering new fishing fashion with the latest technology. It is famous for both casting and spinning fishing rod manufacturing. Let’s review one of its best rods for the Texas rig fishing technique.

St. Croix Mojo Bass Medium-Fast Spinning Rod

Unparalleled Strength

St. Croix has given the rod unparalleled strength with premium SCIII carbon construction. The high-modulus SCIII carbon confirms the durability of the fishing rod. And the integrated poly curve mandrel technology ensures the longevity of the rod.

Strong Grip

The mojo Bass medium-fast spinning rod has a split grip with a premium-grade cork handle. It offers a comfortable and strong grip to grab fish for hours. Therefore, the anglers can avoid fatigued hands from fishing for a long time.

Reliable Reel

The manufacturer has developed the spinning model with a Fuji DPS reel seat. The reel seat with black hoods is reliable to keep the lines straight from the hand. And it is quite responsive to understanding the real scenario underwater.

Smart Engineering

St. Croix has applied the smartest engineering technology to build the spinning rod. It comes with a handful of features like a Kigan hook keeper, aluminum oxide rings, 3D guides, and more. Therefore, anglers enjoy a dynamic fishing experience with the fishing tool.

Consistent Performance

The medium-fast spinning rod offers consistent performance in any condition. It keeps worms alive to lure fish. The designer has designed the multifunctional bass series for superior performance. It is durable and dependable in its day-long performance.

Smooth Customer Support

St. Croix believes in smooth service for valued customers. The anglers rely on the brand for having maximum post-purchasing satisfaction. If you purchase from an authorized seller, you can avail of the 5-years of service warranty. It is incredible indeed!

Item Specifications

  • Type: Spinning rod
  • Brand: St. Croix
  • Dimension: 82x3x3-inches (LxWxH)
  • Material: Premium SCIII carbon materials
  • Rod Length: 6-feet and 10-inch
  • Guide: Premium FUJI guides
  • Style: Medium-Fast
  • Grip Type: Split
  • Butt: Strong butt
  • Handle: Premium-grade cork handle
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning
  • Action: X-Fast
  • Power: Medium Light
  • Ferrules: Slim-profile
  • Reel Seat: Premium Fuji DPS
  • Frame: Black
  • Ring: Aluminum-oxide
  • Color: Titanium
  • Recommended For: Uni-sex adult

Quick Facts: Worthy Words!

  • The St. Croix Mojo Bass Spinning rod is a top-notch series with dynamic features and functions. It is great for fishing in fresh or saltwater.
  • If you love fishing for hours to catch plenty of fish, the particular spinning rod is a rock. It is dependable, durable, and consistent in performance.
  • The premium SCIII carbon construction makes the rod unparalleled in strength, power, and action. You may love the mighty medium-fast tool for your next fishing.

Pros to Prefer

  • Made with modern IPC technology
  • Premium SCIII carbon construction
  • No compromise with quality and durability
  • Dependable and consistent in performance
  • Comfortable gripping for longtime
  • Well-structured with multifunctional features
  • Technique-specific bass fishing
  • Anglers’ happiness with superstar service

Cons to Consider

  • Not super light


Q. Is the rod with casting or spinning property?

The St. Croix Mojo Bass medium-fast is a spinning rod over the casting technique. So, never misjudge it as a casting rod.

Q. Can I choose it for shore fishing?

Yes, the 6-feet and 10-inch spinning rod is superb for shore, boat, and kayak fishing. So, don’t hesitate to fish anywhere with the fishing tool.

Q. Is the warranty myth or reality?

Undoubtedly, you can avail of the 5-years of warranty service as a purchaser from an authorized seller. So, never misunderstand the issue.

5. Lew’s Mach 2 Medium Casting Rod Series-Best for sensitivity

The Mach 2 series is the latest addition of Lew’s with innovative features and functions. Lew’s has developed the casting rod with modern design to make a difference for the anglers. Let’s find the manufacturer’s best bass rod for the Texas rig in detail.

Lew's Mach 2 Medium Casting Rod Series

Premium Graphite Blanks

Lew’s has improved the casting rod 2 series with premium IM8 graphite blanks. The super-sensitive blanks boost balance and confirm the compact profile of the casting rod. Therefore, the anglers feel the difference of bass fishing with the premium blanks.

Modern Design

The manufacturer is driven by innovation and fueled by a passion for promoting fishing fashion. Unlike conventional casting rods, the Mach 2 rod meets all purposes of the worm fishing technique. It offers the anglers the most innovative and newest fishing rod features.

Clutch Technology

The Lew’s Mach 2 casting rod comes with the finest G-Clutch technology. The Midas Touch creates direct contact between the handle and blanks for direct sensitivity. Therefore, the anglers can feel the fish’s close bites to the lures.

Advanced Grip

The Mach 2 fishing rod has a WINN Dri-Tac handle featured with advanced polymer grip. The Dri-Tac palming material offers the anglers extreme fishing comfort. The anglers feel the finest grip with the G-clutch handle and advanced polymer.

Rugged Guides

Lew’s has designed the Mach 2 casting rod series with stainless steel rugged guides. The aluminum oxide insert ensures the stability of the rod to tackle the toughest time. And the rust-free stainless steel guides last for a longer time.

Compact Profile

Unlike bumpy casting rods, the Mach 2 is fine-tuned with a compact profile. The slim and lightweight rod is perfect for offshore, inshore, and boat fishing. All components, including reel, blanks, handle, grip, guides, and tip-top are closer to compact profile.


Lew’s has emphasized both the quality and affordability of the Mach 2 series casting rods. The most innovative fishing rod is still affordable compared to the uniform items in the market. In addition, it comes with one year of service warranty.

Item Specifications

  • Type: Casting rod
  • Brand: Lew’s
  • Dimension: 84×1.3×2-inches (LxWxH)
  • Material: Blend stainless steel and aluminum oxide materials
  • Rod Length: 7-feet
  • Guide: Stainless steel rugged guides
  • Style: All-purpose medium casting rod
  • Grip Type: Advanced polymer split grip
  • Butt: Heavy-duty butt
  • Handle: WINN Dri-Tac handle
  • Fishing Technique: Casting
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium-heavy
  • Ferrules: Slim-profile
  • Reel Seat: Exclusive BARE reel seat
  • Frame: Compact and lightweight
  • Color: Multi
  • Recommended For: Uni-sex adult

Quick Facts: Worthy Words!

  • The Mach 2 casting rod comes with a great shape for the best Texas rig rod setup. It offers an amazing fishing experience.
  • This is the most sensitive fishing rod for a flawless fishing experience in rivers, ponds, and seashores. The anglers love it for catching big bashes.
  • The Lew’s casting rod is unique with advanced maneuvering technology and user functionalities. It is a lightweight, compact, and powerful fishing tool.

Pros to Prefer

  • All-purpose casting rod
  • Multifunctional features
  • Advanced polymer grips
  • Innovative design
  • Compact profile
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Durable and dependable performance
  • Affordable

Cons to Consider

  • One year of the limited warranty


Q. Is the rod ideal for the Texas rig bait casting technique?

The Mash 2 series casting rod comes with the latest features that work well with the Texas rigging bait casting technique. Like me, you can also try this.

Q. Can I hold the rod for hours?

The lighter fishing rod has WINN Dri-Tac handle with G-clutch technology for smoother gripping for hours. So, you can hold the rod for hours without having your fingers fatigued.

Q. What is the action mode of the rod?

The fishing rod works well with its faster action mode. I Hope you will love it.

Fiblink fosters fishing with the finest surf spinning rods. The manufacturer gifts the anglers fishing rods with the latest features and modern designs. And the brand is familiar for forming the largest rods. Let’s learn more about the Fiblink surf spinning travel fishing rod.

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Premium-Grade Construction

The solid carbon fiber construction has made the rod tough and sensitive to the situation. And the high-grade manufacturing mechanism has added extra value to its powerful action. It is a perfect boat fishing rod with meticulous and exquisite workmanship.

High-Action Performance

The long-distance spinning rod is versatile in its powerful actions. The perfect combination of all segments proves the unyielding performance. Fiblink has designed the rod with the best fighting power for big surf duty. It works well with a wide variety of fishing techniques.

Stainless Steel Guides

The spinning rod has ceramic mixed stainless steel guides to keep the line straight and accurate. It ensures smooth guiding and avoids line stucking. In addition, the well-tuned guides minimize friction in the long casting. And it transfers the sensitive vibrations from lines through guides to your hand.

High-Density Grip

The high-strength reel seat confirms maximum fishing comfort with high-density grips. It offers the ultimate control over the reel wheel and rod handle to fight the biggest bass. Therefore, the anglers feel the freedom of fishing with EVA grips and extreme exposure reel seats.

Non-Slip Tube Handle

The surf spinning fishing rod has a non-slip rubber shrink tube handle for handy use. The anglers feel confident handling the rod with a diamond x-wrap rubber shrink tube handle and tapered rear grips. It is outstanding for ensuring an extraordinary, gripping experience.


The solid carbon fiber construction confirms the maximum durability of the fishing tool. It looks muscular with excellent design, precise structure, and powerful shape. The reel seat, handle, guides, blanks, and tip-top offer long-lasting services.

100% Satisfaction

Fiblink promises uncompromising customer satisfaction. They offer one year of service warranty against any defect. If you find any flaw, never miss contacting your authorized sellers to avail the service. The Fiblink fishing rod is for 100% customer satisfaction.

Item Specifications

  • Type: Spinning rod
  • Brand: Fiblink
  • Material: Solid carbon fiber construction materials
  • Rod Length: 9-feet
  • Guide: Ceramic mixed stainless steel guides
  • Style: Surf spinning rod
  • Grip Type: High-density EVA grips
  • Butt: Heavy-duty butt
  • Handle: Rubber shrink non-slip tube handle
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning
  • Action: Moderate-fast
  • Power: Medium
  • Ferrules: Slim-profile connection
  • Reel Seat: High-strength reel seat
  • Frame: Compact and well-balanced
  • Pieces: Two
  • Best For: Offshore, inshore, and boat fishing
  • Recommended For: Uni-sex adult

Quick Facts: Worthy Words!

  • The Fiblink spinning rod is extremely professional for surf fishing. It looks lighter and very sensitive.
  • The lighter but stronger fishing rod adds tremendous value to the Texas rigging fishing technique. It works extraordinarily with all fishing purposes and baits.
  • The anglers strongly recommend the surf fishing rod for powerful action and strong performance.
  • Fiblink claims that it is one of their best rods for the Texas rig fishing formula with well-balanced blanks, great casting ability, and top-notch grips.

Pros to Prefer

  • Solid carbon fiber construction
  • Stainless steel straight and true guides
  • No line stucking or friction
  • Extraordinary, gripping experience
  • Superb sensitivity
  • Non-slip rubber shrink handle
  • Extreme exposure reel seat
  • Long casting distance
  • Durable and powerful action

Cons to Consider

  • Expensive enough


Q. Is the fishing rod suitable for saltwater?

The Fiblink surf spinning fishing rod is good to fish in the saltwater. I love tohunt sea monsters!

Q. What bait size suits well with the spinning rod?

Unlike casting rods, the surf spinning fishing rod requires larger baits. You can use relatively large baits with the spinning rod.

Q. Is it ideal for long-distance casting?

The 9-feet long spinning rod allows the anglers to cast across the longest distance. It works amazingly in deep water.

Q. Is the rod the right choice for the Texas rigging?

Undoubtedly, the spinning rod can be the right choice for the Texas rigging bass fishing technique.

7. Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod-Best for natural handle

Over 30 years, Falcon has set a new benchmark in fishing performance. It has added a dynamic value to the fishing rods with technological know-how and expertise. The manufacturer is famous for manufacturing distinguished fishing rods. Today, we will review the HD Series casting rod. Let’s have a look!

Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod

Graphite HD Blanks

The high-performing casting rod comes with 100% graphite HD blanks. It ensures the maximum durability and responsiveness of the fishing rod. The anglers enjoy an exclusive performance while delivering increased sensitivity.

Premium Fuji Guides

The manufacturer has added 100% premium Fuji guides to the casting rod. The stainless steel guides maintain better line management. Therefore, the anglers feel confident to cover the long-distance. It ensures extreme stability and strength of the line.

Strong Reel Seat

The fishing rod has Fuji exposed blank reel seats to assure seamless connection to the line for hours. It keeps the connection stable and straight against the stream. In addition, the reel seat helps guide the proper line management.

Natural Cork Handle

The anglers get complete comfort with the full-length natural cork handle. It fits well in hands to hold for hours with maximum comfort. The eco-friendly handle helps anglers to fish for a longer time. It causes no fatigued fingers instead of much fishing.

All-Baits Compatible

The casting rod is compatible with almost worm baits like chatterbaits and spinnerbaits. And this HD rod is one of the best rods for the Texas rig technique in fresh and saltwater. The anglers can meet their all species fishing purposes with the HD series casting rod.


Falcon commits to building the best rods at the most affordable price. The manufacturer gives the anglers cost-effective fishing rods with cutting-edge technological application and own combination. The HD series casting rod can be another reasonable choice.

Item Specifications

  • Type: Casting rod
  • Brand: Falcon Rods
  • Material: Solid graphite construction
  • Rod Length: 6.5-feet
  • Guide: 100% premium Fuji guides
  • Grip Type: Comfortable natural grips
  • Handle: 100% natural full-length cork handle
  • Fishing Technique: Casting
  • Action: Medium
  • Power: Medium
  • Ferrules: Slim-profile seamless connection
  • Reel Seat: Fuji exposed blank reel seat
  • Frame: Lighter and stronger frame
  • Line Weight: 8-17 lbs
  • Baits: Chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, and the Texas rig technique
  • Recommended For: Uni-sex adult

Quick Facts: Worthy Words!

  • The Falcon HD Series casting rod is absolutely a great addition at an affordable price. The premium Fuji guides are the mega bonus with the rod.
  • The fishing rod is a great gadget with durability, sensitivity, and casting ability. It is a perfect piece with a lightweight and compact design.
  • You can have a new fishing experience with an excellent quality fishing rod. The next-generation technology has made it a master rod in the market.

Pros to Prefer

  • 100% HD durable blanks
  • Top-quality manufacturing material
  • Premium Fuji guides for stable line
  • Seamless connection with the Fuji exposed blank reel seat
  • Full-length 100% natural cork handle
  • Tireless comfortable gripping for hours
  • Increased responsiveness
  • All-purpose fishing techniques
  • Affordable and cost-effective

Cons to Consider

  • The shorter length for the longer casting


Q. What is the power-action of the fishing rod?

The Falcon HD series casting rod features medium action for bass fishing. And the power is also of medium level.

Q. Is it ideal for the longer casting?

The 6.5-feet fishing rod doesn’t seem ideal for covering the longest distance casting. It works well for the shorter casting.

Q. Is there warranty privilege?

There is no warranty description from the manufacturer’s side. You can deal with the authorized sellers for the issue.

8. KastKing Royale Select Casting Fishing Rod-Best for power transition-Editor’s Choice

KastKing strives to achieve customers’ satisfaction through affordable innovation and novel designs of the fishing rods. It aims to offer the anglers the most memorable fishing experience ever. We will review its royale select tournament quality fishing rod, among other fishing tools.

KastKing Royale Select Casting Fishing Rod

Super Sensitive Blanks

The KastKing Team has engineered the bass fishing rod with Toray-24 ton carbon matrix KastFlex technology. Therefore, the rod blanks are incredibly sensitive, strong, and durable. It offers the anglers an amazing fishing experience indeed.

Genuine Fuji Guides

The tournament casting rod comes with premium Fuji guides for superior casting. It helps cover the longest casting distance. The anglers can maintain the proper line accuracy and stability. The Fuji guides protect the line under an acute fishing ambience.

High-Strength Reel Seat

The bass fishing rod has a graphite made high-strength reel seat for the whole day comfort. It helps rod guides keep the line stable in the toughest fishing conditions. And the nylon made reel seat sets a solid base for the anglers’ relaxation.

EVA Grip

The high-strength EVA grips give maximum comfort for a daylong fishing journey. The anglers enjoy pleasant gripping with the full-length EVA handle. And the high-density grips keep fingers fatigue-free from overfishing.

Fine-Tuned Features

The KastKing designers have designed the fishing gadget with all the unique features. It has a SAF-T-Hook keeper, stainless steel running guides, zirconium oxide tip-top, and a slim ferrule profile. All functional properties pass through quality-controlled workmanship.


The royale select casting series is a multi-purpose fishing rod for all bass species. Therefore, you can use the rod for different techniques like the Texas rigging, jigging, shakey heads, drop shots, swimbaits, and much more.

Extraordinary Quality

KastKing builds its fishing rods with premium quality materials and top-notch maneuvering technology. It goes through the toughest engineering steps, from designing to finishing the rods. Therefore, we get a well-structured, durable, comfortable rod for a mindful fishing experience.

Item Specifications

  • Type: Casting rod
  • Brand: KastKing
  • Material: Carbon & nylon construction materials
  • Rod Length: 6.5-feet
  • Guide: Premium Fuji line guides
  • Style: Tournament grade fishing rod
  • Grip Type: High-strength EVA grips
  • Handle: Comfortable full-length EVA handle
  • Fishing Technique: Casting/Spinning
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium
  • Ferrules: Slim-profile
  • Reel Seat: High-strength reel seat
  • Frame: Well-furnished durable frame
  • Best For: Texas rigging bass fishing
  • Technology: KastFlex Rod Blank Technology
  • Power Transition: PTS power transition system
  • Recommended For: Uni-sex adult

Quick Facts: Worthy Words!

  • The royale select series includes the legendary rod for adding great fishing value. It comes with advanced manufacturing technology.
  • When you are looking for the best rods for the Texas rig, the durable, strong, and sensitive royale rod can come into your close consideration.
  • The fantastic rod seems cost-effective with powerful performances, features, and functions. It is incredible with sensitivity, comfort, and quality.

Pros to Prefer

  • High-quality carbon and nylon construction materials
  • Superb sensitivity and durability
  • Premium Fuji guides for the superior casting distance
  • High-strength reel seat
  • Solid base for all-day comfort
  • Power transmitted EVA handle
  • Multi-species fishing techniques
  • Slim-profile ferrule
  • Quality-controlled top-notch maneuvering mechanism
  • Cost-effective

Cons to Consider

  • No warranty declaration


Q. How much weight can hold the rod?

No matter what the weight of the fish is! The fishing rod is endurable enough to hold the fish up to 20 lbs.

Q. Is the guide macro or standard with the fishing rod?

The Royale series casting rod comes with the premium Fuji standard guides. The guides are strong enough to keep the line straight.

Q. Does the rod work for inshore fishing?

This is an all-purpose fishing rod. You can go inshore, offshore, and boat bass fishing with the casting rod. Never mind choosing your fishing techniques.

What To Consider Before Buying A Rod For The Texas Rig? Never Miss Making Valid Purchases!

If you are a new bass angler, finding the best rods for the Texas rig technique can be challenging. We strive to make you confident in picking the top-notch fishing rod for a memorable fishing experience. Therefore, never forget to consider the following facts before buying the best quality fishing rod.

Latest Technology

The technological application determines the benchmark of the fishing rod. The user-friendly functionalities and features of rods depend on the latest manufacturing technologies. In addition, it fixes the durability and usability of the rods.

The most popular technologies are advanced reinforcing technology (ART), nano resin technology (NRT), fortified resin technology (FRT), and carbon matrix technology (CMT). You must take the issue into close consideration to pick the perfect rods.

Quality Materials

Only quality manufacturing materials can make premium fishing rods. The strength and durability of a fishing rod depend on the materials used in every segment. You will be disappointed in your entire fishing journey with a lower-quality rod.

Most manufacturers use graphite and carbon materials to make quality rods. And the stainless steel guides and rings are important for long-lasting performance. So, be careful with the quality of manufacturing materials.

Rod Length

Length is one of the most important factors for a quality fishing rod. And it is so crucial for the overall fishing performance. The anglers should choose their rods with the proper length for having a pleasant fishing experience.

Moreover, the line’s accuracy, stability, and casting depend on the rod length. If you are a bass angler, the rod with 6.5 to 7-feet length can be your right pick for the Texas rig rod length. It helps handle the entire fishing machine.

Rod Power

Undoubtedly, the power of the rod resonates with the power of anglers to tackle the toughest conditions. It means the capacity of a rod to have pressure to flex. Furthermore, it plays an important role in maintaining the line and handling the lure weights.

The rod power can be of different levels, from ultra-light to extra-heavy. However, the medium or medium-heavy power level can be ideal for the Texas rigging rods. And you should select the rod power that performs better for you.

Rod Action

No anglers can deny the importance of rod action for fishing in fresh or saltwater. It defines the flexes of rods from the tip to the butt section. There are three main segments of rod action: slow, moderate, and fast.

The rod with slow action flexes into the butt section, where the moderate action rod flexes near the middle blank. And the fast action flexes mostly the tip of the rod. Moreover, you can find rods with moderate fast and extreme fast actions. Now, it is your decision to pick the best rod action for the Texas rig.

Rod Weight

Though the weight is a relative determiner, it is crucial to consider a better fishing experience. There are two major options for you, either lighter or heavier rods. Most anglers like the lighter fishing rod for effortless handling.

The lighter rod offers a more comfortable fishing experience than the heavier one. It helps anglers avoid finger fatigue due to long-time fishing. However, never miss choosing a lighter but stronger rod.

Rod Sensitivity

The sensitivity refers to the responsiveness of the line from the bait to the reel seat through the rod blank. Furthermore, it denotes the durability and quality of the manufacturing materials. You should choose a fishing rod with superb sensitivity.

The more sensitive rod offers the more responsive performance to let anglers make the right decision at the right time. You can talk to the sellers to recognize the sensitivity of your preferred rods.

Rod Durability

Only a durable rod can be cost-effective and worthy of the big investment. The durability depends on manufacturing materials and maneuvering mechanisms. The perfect combination of each part is important to make a fishing rod durable.

So, check the quality of each segment, including handle, reel seat, grips, guides, blanks, line, hook, and tip-top for maximum durability. Keep in your mind that durability denotes long-lasting performance.

Brand Reputation

As a new buyer, you must check the brand reputation from the customers’ feedback to have a valued purchase. There are many brands of fishing rods and tools in the market. But all of them aren’t of the same quality, expertise, and experience.

So, we have presented you with the most renowned brands and their rods in the review. You can consider them to compare with others. However, it is an imperative indicator of the best rod selection.

Over the decades, bass anglers have been utilizing the Texas rigging fishing technique with the smallest plastic baits. It is one of the handy ways of presenting worm baits on a hook to catch fish. The anglers are pretty curious to learn more about the exciting fishing technique. So, let’s have more information about the Texas rig.

What size hook is best for the Texas rig?

Undoubtedly, the hook is the most important part of the Texas rig. And the hook may be different based on the baits’ size. And it may make the anglers confused to choose the best size rig hook.

Our recommended hook size for the Texas rig is 3/0 straight shank for 6-inch worms, 4/0 straight shank for 8-inch worms, and 5/0 straight shank for 10-inch plastic worms. However, you may have a different choice with the hook size.

How deep can you fish with a Texas rig?

Texas is a popular fishing technique for bass anglers. You can fish with the Texas rig in about 20-feet deep water. However, you need to use the heavier and bigger baits with the rig to fish in the dense pond, canal, and river.
If you set the rig with a heavy-duty hook, deep fishing would be easier and more comfortable. And the rod must be stronger and lighter enough for deep water fishing.

Is the Texas rig weedless?

The Texas rig is anglers’ choice for its weedless operation. And it works better in the thick vegetation, rocky ground, and submerged weed. Therefore, the bait line remains stable and active for hours.

Moreover, you can retrieve the rig from any cover. And it is great for being weedless in deep or shallow water. Therefore, you can fish ponds, canals, rivers, and anywhere.

Is a 10-pound line good for bass fishing?

There is no line limit for bass fishing with the Texas rig technique. It depends on the fishing technique of fishers. Undoubtedly, the 10 lbs line is good for bass fishing. Moreover, you can have the finest fishing experience with the line of less weight.

So, you can certainly choose the 10 lbs line for bass fishing with any baits. It depends on your fishing skill indeed.

Final Verdict!

Texas rig is a sophisticated fishing technique that requires a sound setup with the best fishing rods. The bass anglers use the easiest fishing technique to have an enjoyable fishing experience. However, a good rod whatever casting or spinning is a crucial fact here.

Our review focused on the best rods for the Texas rig fishing technique over other segments. Each fishing rod in the review comes from renowned brands with the latest engineering technology. However, we want to make you confident with our choice for the Kastking Royale Select casting rod. The rod is our holy choice for you with its premium-grade manufacturing materials and high-strength performance. The KastKing Royale Select is the perfect choice for a comfortable fishing experience all day.

Have a memorable fishing day with the best rods for the Texas rig technique.

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