7 Best Spinning Reel Under $50 In 2022 – Expert’s Guide

Who does not like fishing! For efficient fishing, a spinning reel is a necessary equipment. If you are looking for the best spinning reel under $50, then here is the place to get some ideas.

Some may say that $50 is not enough to get a good quality spinning reel, but it’s not true.

Best Spinning Reel Under $50

There are plenty of spinning reels on the market with good quality. Here we are to help you find those out within your budget.

Things to consider while choosing the best spinning reel under $50

Making a purchase decision of spinning reels is sometimes not easy. Here we are explaining the factors that you need to consider while making the purchase decision. Prefer the elements according to your needs.


Manufacturing companies try to use the materials that make the spinning reels easy to operate. Some use aluminium for the body, and some use graphite. Some anglers use both aluminium and graphite. The aluminium body usually has better strength than the graphite body. On the other hand, the graphite body helps to make the reel lightweight.


Reel size is essential to know. You need to choose the perfect size that suits you. You can get the line capacity facts from the spool. With this information, you can measure the ideal reel size for you. Do not make the fishing experience boring. Make it as comfortable as you can.

Ball Bearings:

Both the quality and quantity are important factors for determining the right ball bearing. Smoothness is a desirable thing from a spinning reel. If the ball bearings of the spinning reel are more in quantity and quality is up to the mark, then you will get your desired performance. 

Gear Ratio:

You can know the speed of the reel from the gear ratio. Slow speed reels are suitable for catching big fishes. For medium size fishes, you can go for a high-speed reel. So make it sure before you purchase the spinning reel. For your information, a 6:1 gear ratio is a high-speed reel, and 4:1 is a slow speed spinning reel. 


You may have to spend a long time in fishing. So it is essential to get things done in convenient ways. You can choose right-handed or right-handed spinning reel according to your needs. Now there are lots of reels with the anti-reverse system. So you can switch the hand side if you want. Manufacturers try to make the reels in ways that it can reduce fatigue. Fishing is fun, so why should we get fatigued, right? 

Best Spinning Reel Under $50 For 2020

There are a lot of varieties among the spinning reels in terms of build quality and performance. We try to figure those out to help you make a correct purchase decision. They are also very affordable, according to the prices. We hope that you can find out your best deal.

Penn Pursuit II Spinning Reel

If you are looking for a spinning reel under $50, then Penn Pursuit II Spinning Reel would be the right choice. The reel is with excellent design and built quality. It is easy to carry for its lightweight. You can use it from the right or left as it has an instant anti-reverse handle. It consists of a graphite body and a spool made of aluminum. This helps it to get additional leverage. The spinning reel is suitable for fishing in both salt and freshwater.  It is easy to store due to its flexible size.

The reel has an ultra-wide gear system, and oil felt drag system, which can give you extra comfort. The gear system consists of five stainless ball bearings. The handle of this reel is well designed and easy to grip. The frame of the reel seems good quality and durable. Especially its lightweight gives you a great fishing experience. Its stainless steel will ensure smooth operation. The rotor system is very balanced, which provides it with additional strength. 


  • Better performance due to oil felt drag system
  • Reversible handle helps you to switch sides (left to right or right to left).
  • Excellent quality components make it durable. 


  • The oil felt drag system could be dried quickly.
  • You need to purchase a rod to use it (if you do not have one already). 

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

For efficient fishing, Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel is perfect at affordable prices. The body of the reel is made of graphite. Its narrow blade helps it to become lightweight. Solid construction and good building material make the reel well durable. You can use the reel from both the right and left-hand sides. For ensuring the smoothness, the reel has seven ball bearings and one reverse bearing. This eight bearing drive system helps you to have a smooth fishing experience with the reel. 

Because of lightweight, it is easy to take full control over the reel. It also has a strong multi-disc drag process. The rotor system is so well balanced that it can spin comfortably even at high speed. It is a great comfort to use as this reel has oil felt drag system on it. So for long-lasting performance, you can have this spinning reel. Sturdy construction of the spinning reel gives it extra strength while fishing. The producing company also has a good reputation for manufacturing spinning reel.


  • Good build quality, which ensures maximum durability.
  • The drag system is very efficient for fishing.
  • The elliptical Gearing system enhances winding power. 


  • You need to buy the rod separately as they don’t provide it with the reel.
  • The anti-reverse button is capable of disruption. 

KastKing Mela Spinning Reel

For under $50 budget, KastKing Mela Spinning Reel would be one of best choices for sure. The design with a narrow graphite frame makes the reel lightweight. The look of this reel is beautiful due to the proper finishing. Quality aluminum spool and its bearings help to make smooth operation. It will give you an amazing fishing experience.  You can choose this reel within this budget to have a stable performance. Both right-handed and left-handed can use the reel easily. 

The reel has an excellent arrangement to ignore the problems such as fatigue, breakage, and twist in the line. Well balancing rotor system ensures high performance of the reel. Its stainless steel helps to keep the reel durable. There is no doubt that they manufacture the product providing high strength.  You will get the MaxiDur ball bearings, which prevent corrosion. It has a total eleven steel ball bearings. 


  • The reel has a carbon fiber drag washer, which reduces the weight of the reel.
  • The casting is very smooth and retrieving. 
  • Great lifetime due to corrosion resistant.


  • After casting, it can be stuck in a certain position.
  • Comparing to other similar reels within this budget, it is not very lightweight.

Mitchell 300 Spinning Reel

Mitchell has a long history of manufacturing spinning reels. They have been producing reels for more than 70 years. So you can rely on them for quality spinning reels. Mitchell 300 Spinning Reel has an innovative design with advance polymeric body material. Its multi-disk drag system helps to carry heavy and light pressure. The rotor has excellent strength due to its innovative bail Halo design. It also has corrosion-resistant material, which is a great comfort. 

It has eight bearings and an anti-reverse system that can ensure smooth retrieve. The reel seems durable as the handle and spool are made of aluminum.  Even you can handle big fishes with this spinning reel. The size is also very convenient. Its superior line management system helps to get maximum efficiency. If you are looking for a spinning reel under $50, then Mitchell 300 Spinning Reel would be one of the best budget spinning reels. 


  • The reel has an innovative design and easy to handle.
  • Consits of anti-reverse and multi-disk drag system.
  • Useful for both light and heavy loads.


  • The reel does not seem convincing enough in some cases.
  • The stock of this spinning reel is limited. 

SHIMANO Sienna FE Spinning Reel

Shimano has an excellent reputation for producing spinning reels. Shimano -FE Sienna Fishing Spinning Reel is a superb reel within 50 dollars budget. You can use the reel in both saltwater and freshwater. Definitely, it would be the right choice for saltwater spinning reels under $50. The excellent line management system of this reel helps you to cast in long distance. It has anti-reverse technology so that there is no back play. The reel consists of M-Compact Body, which enables oscillation gear to get closer to the rod. 

Its Dyna-Balance rotor technology can reduce wobbling, and the drag system can ensure a smooth retrieve.  While using the reel for a long time, the chance of getting fatigued is lower because of its compact body. Definitely, the reel has a well-balanced fishing outfit. The built quality is well durable. The reel is perfect for small and medium-sized fishes. According to its feature and price, the reel is very affordable. 


  • The spinning reel has a balanced line management system.
  • It has a Perfect system for minimizing fatigue. 
  • It enables long-distance casting.


  • The reel is not suitable for catching big sized fishes. 
  • Rod needs to be bought separately as it has not been given with the reel.

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

The Pflueger President Spinning Reel is a very popular reel among the anglers. It has a bail wire that is made of aluminum. Its seven stainless steel bearing system helps to get smooth operation while fishing. Its dragging system is also excellent. Its graphite body makes the reel durable. The handle is very convenient to operate. It also has an instant anti-reverse policy that makes the fishing experience comfortable. It will notify you through audio signal. Both amateur and expert anglers can use this spinning reel. So it has the flexibility for all kinds of fishermen. 

The rotor system of the reel seems very strong. Another innovative feature the reel has and that is advanced sure click system. The elegant design of this reel makes it so attractive. It has balanced line management that reduces line twists. Overall its gorgeous finishing gives it a premium look. So it would be a great value of money if you go for this spinning reel.


  • You can get comfortable finishing experience with its lightweight. 
  • It has a corrosion-resistant system. 
  • The reel is highly versatile comparing to other reels on the market within a similar budget. 


  • The drag capacity is not very high.
  • The bail can be stuck easily. 

Piscifun Flame Spinning Reel

The Piscifun Flame Spinning Reel would be another good option for under $50 budget. The reel is suitable from entry-level to expert level anglers. The design has a slight variation from others. The spinning reel performs smoothly with the help of its nine ball bearings and one roller bearing. Its eye catchy design can easily attract anglers. The body is made of hollow graphite. Both salt and freshwater are compatible with this spinning reel.

The gear ratio of the reel is 5.2:1, and it has an X shaped spool. The drag power of the reel is up to 19.8 lbs. The body material of the spinning reel is aluminum. So you will get a lightweight spinning reel that is easy to control. The spool is also very soothing. The drag system offers the most efficient control to the anglers. The price of the Piscifun Flame Spinning Reel is also very reasonable. 


  • Attractive unique design and very lightweight. 
  • Smooth casting and retrieving with ten powerful ball bearings.
  • Reasonable drag capacity due to the light weight.


  • The spinning reel might not be the best option for saltwater fishing.
  • Screws’ quality is not up to the mark.

Final Words

So here we are done with suggesting best spinning reel under $50. These spinning reels are fantastic for fishing. Now, this is your decision to make to get the most suitable spinning reel for you. There are not so many variations among these spinning reels we have given. But you can choose according to your best needs.

Take care of your reel on regular basis to get continuous excellent performance. Fifty bucks is not a lot for a spinning reel, but it will worth a lot if you can use it properly. Happy fishing!

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