How Many Yards Of Fishing Line On A Reel?

Fishing is fun-filled and super exciting. Using the right tools gives you the best experience when you use the right tools. So, a fishing reel needs some yards of a fishing line to work correctly. Knowing how many yards of fishing line on a reel? Is one of the basic knowledge every angler and fisher should know. 

Typically, the yards of fishing line you can put on your fishing reel depends on some factors. It entirely depends on the type of fishing reel, size of the reel, type of fishing line and the type of fishing. The standard rule is that the fill level is 1/6 below the lip of the spool, which means you can fill the fishing reel and stop once you are 1/6 from the lip of the reel. 


Thus, overfilling or underfilling a fishing reel will cause many difficulties while fishing. In this comprehensive article, let’s take a look at how to determine the amount of fishing line you can use on your fishing reel and the exact yards. 


  • Line capacity determines the maximum length of a fishing line.
  • The manufacturer’s specifications are 200 yards of lines for your spinning reel.
  • Depending on the size of the reel, spinning reels can hold from 100 to 200 yards of fishing line.
  • To know what size of reel you want to buy, you need to consider some factors.

What Is Line Capacity On A Reel?

Line capacity on a reel is understandable; it tells the highest fishing line the reel can hold. The Line capacity determines the maximum length and weight limit of the fishing line the spool can hold to function properly. The line capacity on a reel helps fill the reel with the exact yards of the line without overloading or causing a glitch. 

Hence, the strength and diameter of the fishing line are intertwined. The diameter of the fishing line multiplies along with its strength. This means that the higher test line takes up more space on the spool. For instance, a reel that holds 150 yards of 30-pound test monofilament might only hold 100 yards of 20-pound test. 

Although, most producers list the reel’s line capacity on the instruction box. Occasionally, you can go beyond the specifications given by the manufacturer. But, it is best always to follow the manufacturer’s rating strictly. 

HHow Many Yards Of Braids On A Spinning Reel?

Spinning reels are one of the most versatile reels and excellent for casting. There have variety of sizes and can hold different yards of line. Also, there are several types of fishing lines you can use. Although a braided line braids multiple lines together, still it gives an excellent result when used. A braided fishing line is thin; it lasts longer and offers many benefits to anglers. 

Having too much braid on a spinning reel will leave you with fishing problems. So, knowing how many yards of braids can you use on your spinning reel is necessary. Most reel manufacturers’ specifications are 200 yards of lines for your spinning reel. However, this would give rise to confusion because braids are sold with 150-yard, 300-yard, and 600-yard spools. 

Where the spinning reel is more than the yards of the braided fishing line, the solution is to add some yards of backing lines like monofilament lines with the braided line. This will give you the exact yards of braids your spinning reel requires. Overfilling will leave you with wind knots, so you need to do balancing while spooling the braided fishing line on your spinning reel.

How Much Fishing Line On A Reel: Fixed Spool Or Spinning Reel?

A spinning reel or fixed spool reel is a frequently used fishing reel. It has a line capacity that tells you the amount of lines on the reel. Thus, you need a good amount of fishing line on your reel. Most producers specifications recommend that anglers should use 200-yards of line. Therefore, the general rule of thumb for a spinning reel is that the fill level should be 1/6 inch below the lip of the spool. Leaving a little space for casting is highly recommended. 

So, you must be pondering on how much fishing line you can use on your spinning reel. Well, you can stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations or when filling the line, leave some space on the spool like 1/16 inch from the lip. It is best when the line on your spool is below the edge of the spool; this is to aid casting. 

Hence, if a fixed spool is overloaded, it will cause lots of problems during fishing. Using the right amount of fishing line on your spinning reel will increase casting distance and prevent tangles. Generally, depending on the size of the reel, spinning reels can hold from 100 to 200 yards of fishing line. 

Are 100 Yards Of Fishing Line Enough?

As a fisherman, you must be wondering if 100 yards of fishing line is enough. Well, it depends on the type of fishing you want to do, which kind of catch is your target and which type of reel are you using. It is a good thing to know the exact amount of line your spool can hold; so you won’t buy it in excess. However, if you plan on going to deep water to get some catch, 100 yards won’t be enough. But, if it is a local stream or smaller ponds and lakes, you don’t need many yards of line. One hundred yards of fishing line will be enough. However, it is best to replace the lines when they get cuts and nicks or become weak. 

How much Line Should I Put On A 2500 Reel?

There are various sizes of reels. We have 1000 reels, 2000 reels, 2500breels, 3000 reels, 4000nreels and many more. The amount of yards these reels can hold depends on the size. If you wonder how much line you should put on a 2500 reel. Here is the answer. Size 2500 reels are small-sized reels with 1-3/4 inch diameter; it is similar to size 3000 reels. A 150 yards fishing line will be enough.


Typically, Mono-line can range from 2-10lb, while the braided line can range from 4-14lb. Leaving a ¼ inch gap for backing is perfect for a 2500 reel size. The gap will aid casting distance and prevent wind knots. 

How Do I Know What Size Reel To Buy?

Choosing a reel size depends solely on the purpose you need it. You need to consider what type of fishing do you plan to do, what size of fish do you plan on catching, and where do you plan on fishing (saltwater or freshwater). So, to know the size of reel you need to buy, you need to consider the factors listed above. 

We have larger reels and smaller reels. Large reels are suitable for saltwater fishing and bigger catch. This type of reel needs tons of fishing lines. In contrast, small reels are ideal for freshwater fishing and minor catch. This type of reel requires little amount of line. 

Thus, there are two systems of classification used by manufacturers in classifying reel sizes. Some start with 1000,2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000 and so on. At the same time, others use 10,20,25,30,35,40 and so on. But there is no difference between the two systems. For instance, size 25 corresponds with size 2500, while size 30 corresponds with size 3000. To know what size of reel you want to buy, you need to consider some factors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when my spinning reel is full?

The general rule of thumb is that the reel should be between 1/6 inch from the edge of the spool. If the line jumps off the spool, that means the spinning reel is too full. So once you are 1/6 from the lip of the reel, it means your spinning reel is full. 

How do I know what size reel to buy?

As mentioned above, the size of reel you intend to buy depends on the type of catch you want and where you plan on fishing. The size of reel that is suitable for you depends on the factors listed above. 

What knot should I use to spool a reel?

The arbor knot is the best used to spool a reel. It is mainly used for trying fishing lines to the reel. It is suitable for mono-line, braided lines and fluorocarbon lines. It is preferably used for spinning reels or fixed spool and baitcasting reels.

What color fishing line is best?

There are three types of fishing lines those are monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided line. The clear line is the best for fishing. Fluorocarbon is a good choice because it is less visible, and the fish cannot see the line under the water. 

How much mono backing should I use?

Mono backing is the best backing for your spinning reel. You should use 8-10 lb for the mono backing of the reel. This makes the braided line firmer and prevents wind knots. 

Final Thought

After all, considering how many yards of fishing line on a reel? Is an essential knowledge in fishing. Knowing the right yards of line on your reel will increase the casting distance and prevent wind knots. It is very detrimental to overfill or underfill your reel. It is best to leave a gap before you reach the edge of the reel; that is how you can avoid problems. 

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