Amazing Beginner’s Guide on How to Catch Fish

Fishing for most of the people is a hobby. We love to sit quietly with the fishing rod in our hand and enjoy the Sunday afternoon on the lakeside. Nothing can be as picture perfect as that time. Before dreaming about yourself in that situation, you need to know How to Catch Fish?

How to Catch Fish

So to start fishing the first thing is to know about fishing and the equipment. Knowing about the equipment and the process will let you enjoy even more. To start fishing knowing some tips and tricks will also help. As a little goes a long way, the tips can make your hobby into a wonderful experience.

How to Catch Fish – 10 Steps

Start fishing is fascinating for most of the people. If fishing is not started with all the knowledge and information than this can also become disastrous. So to begin fishing, you need to know some tips about fishing. In this section, the initial fishing steps have shown.

  1. Choosing the right spot for fishing.
  2. Choose from the types of fish.
  3. Make sure the fishing area is safe.
  4. Get a fishing license.
  5. Choose the right rod and reel.
  6. Get other fishing equipment’s (e.g. hooks, spinning rods, etc.)
  7. Get the right bait.
  8. Have something to hold the fish.
  9. Catch the fish using correct technique.
  10. Keep or release the fish considering the size.

So those are the top ten steps to start fishing. Those steps will help you to be a successful fish man and have a great experience that sector.

How to Cast fishing rod

Casting a fishing rod properly is crucial if you want to be a better fisherman. Fishing rod needs the practice to be perfect in it, as the fishing rod is involved with lots of motion. The motion in the fishing is all that you need to be mastered. Without correcting those, the fishing experience can be very frustrating for you.

tips to cast fishing rod

To cast the fishing rod accurately the main thing you need to do is hold the fishing rod properly. Hold the rod tightly by grabbing the rod along with the thumb. While holding the spinning reel should be below the rod. This will help to spin better.

The next step is to realize 10/18 inches of line, so the hook is away from the line. And then the last thing to do is to make a mark the location in your mind to cast the rod. You need to identify to place and try to throw the tip of the rod.

Though casting the rod needs a lot of practices but if you follow those steps and do it properly then you might need less time to master this technique. Casting the rod accurately will make your fishing experience as that requires a lot of patience.

How to set up a fish tank

Knowing about fish tank setup is very curtail before actually owning a fish tank. If you plan to own a fish tank, the first thing to do is learn about set up a fish tank. This needs a lot of work and knowledge. To start the setup, you can easily follow some step.

setup a fish tank

The first step to set up a fish tank is identifying the location at home where the fish tank can place. The place should be away from direct sunlight and a flat surface that can hold the weight of the filled tank. The place also should be near the plug, so that using the electric devices are easy.

The next thing is to buy all the equipment for a fish tank. A stable and robust fish tank is the must, the other things that are also important are the fish food, water cleaning chemicals, oxygen pump and last but not the least fishes. Those all element are must need, besides those, there are some other accessories that you can use. Those are, stones, roots, LED lights and different types of plants basket or bowl for keeping the live worm as food.

After choosing the equipment of the fish tank, the next thing is to arrange those things. The fish tank needs to wash before setting it up. Wash the tank with fresh water first. In the empty tank fill the stone. You can use any type of rock in this part, after placing the stone place any kind of accessories that you bought an oxygen pump. The third part is to fill water and then the fish tank is ready put the fish in the tank.

So that is all that you need to do before setting up a fish tank and enjoy your experience.

How to cast spinning reel

Spinning reels are a special type of fishing tool. Casting spinning reels you also need to have a spinning rod. The spinning rod is different than the big casting rods. The spinning rods have larger hooks in the bellow and those are attached to hold the line properly. In the spinning reel, the opening and closing the reel incorrect time is crucial as this will prevent tangling. Steps casting spinning reels are described below,

cast spinning reels

  • The first thing to do is to turn the bale upward, near the thumb and you have to hold the line with one of the finger. This position will allow you to be closer to the line and reel.
  • The second step is to turn the reel closer, in this part you need to use both of your hand. Using both hands will help to have better control on the reel.
  • Third step is to open the reel. Opening the reel will let the line go farther.
  • Fourth step is releasing line while you have left a hand on the rod, right hand on the reel and finger on the line. In this position throw the line at a 45-degree angle. This will allow reaching the maximum farther.
  • Fifth step is to close the reel after realizing the line. This will prevent the line from tangling.

Fastest way how to kill a fish

Killing a fish after catching it is essential, but killing needs to be done in most humanly way. Killing a fish is not like killing it in any manner. As we are human, we must do it by giving less pain to the fish and the fish should not stay out of water for a long time, as this will increase the suffering of the fish. So how to kill a fish? The answer is very simple. There are some tricks to kill a fish. Other than that killing fish require experience. One cannot just jump and kill it. The process needs to be painless and also should not harm the fish body.

killer tips to kill a fish

To kill the fish first thing is to release the fish from the hook. The hook from the fish should release carefully. If it is a big fish can cut the line and remove the hook after the fish is dead. So that you don’t harm yourself while releasing the hook.

As there are many ways to kill the fish but the best and the one without hurting it is this technique. This process is used to kill the fish immediately. In this process put the knife in the middle of both eyes of the fish. In the middle of the eyes is where the brain is. So you will put your knife there and immediately the will die. In this process, the fish will feel less pain and die the fastest.

Now comes, how to clean a fish? This part is easy and same for all fishes. To clean the fish, you will put the knife in the place where the anus of the fish is located and slide through the fish up to where the head has started. Then remove all the guts and other elements of the fish. This way you will keep the fresh meat of the fish only.

The Verdict

How to Catch Fish is very important, besides this fishing equipment casting killing and cleaning is also crucial. Casting the fishing equipment will lead to a significant fishing experience. Also, the fastest you clean and kill the fish more will your meat remain fresh. So those parts are also important. Another important part of fishing is to know from the experienced person. The experienced one helps with the practical knowledge. Fishing is an exciting pastime and also an exciting profession. This is often turning into an addiction but a positive way for most of the people into it. So to start fishing after knowing or learning about How to Catch Fish is really important.


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