Why Are Crappie Rods So Long?

Crappie fish is a freshwater fish found in lakes, ponds, sloughs, backwater pools, and streams. They are usually in abundance during winter. Crappie is a delicious fish, but the rod needed to catch it can measure up to 16ft. Why are crappie rods so long, you may ask -You will find out as you read further down this guide that the crappie rod’s length isn’t an over-kill. But very useful for fishing crappies.

Why are crappie rods so long? The rod needed to fish the crappie can be as long as 16ft. As far as fishing goes, this is the most extended rod in fishing. The rod is that long, first, for obvious reasons like how far it can reach. However, that isn’t the only reason.

Why Are Crappie Rods So Long?

A long crappie rod can also help you approach the crappie quietly without chasing them away, especially if you’re fishing from a kayak. Crappies live in the shallow parts of lakes, and approaching them without some level of quietness will cause them to swim away.

Crappie rods are also 16ft long because it helps you achieve a more extended reach. Short rods will require that you swing with more intensity and strength; that kind of intensity can disturb the water and causes the crappie fish to swim away. A longer rod will let you quietly cast your bait into the water without scaring the fishes away.

Article Summary

  • A good fishing rod for crappie fishing will be between 12-16ft.
  • Crappie fishes live in lakes, ponds, etc
  • Long Fishing rods for fishing crappie helps to increase your reach.
  • Crappie fishing makes for good sports.

Why Should Fish Crappie?

Why Should Fish Crappie?

The crappie fish is delicious due to its soft, white flaky flesh. So, it’s no surprise that one of the reasons to fish crappie will be because of its excellent taste. The crappie fish comes in two flavors: The black and white crappie, but they both taste the same.

Another reason to fish crappie is that it is a fun sport to fish for them. Due to the crappie usually being a large school when found, it can be some form of sports fishing for them with friends and family.

If you’re a beginner in fishing, then the crappie fish is a good one to start with because they are relatively easier to catch. Crappie fish inhabitants of shallow lake waters and ponds, usually large.

Finally, crappie fish are very clean fish. When compared to fishes like catfish, crappies are very clean. That is also another reason to want to fish for crappies.

What to use when fishing for crappie?

What to use when fishing for crappie?

Crappie fishes aren’t huge fishes and not very tough either, making them very easy fishes to catch. The crappie fish has been nicknamed the paper mouth due to its delicate mouth.

So, when preparing to catch a crappie fish, you have to pack small hooks. Also, fill small baits and light lines. There are a variety of lures you can use when fishing for crappies; here are some of them.

1. Lunker City Fin-S Fish Crappie Lures

The Fin-s fish crappie grub colors come in a wide variety like White satin, Arkansas Shiner, Chartreuse Silk. It comes with ten fish for each bag

While Lunker City is excellent for catching crappie, the crappie can also be used for other fishes like the walleye and the bass.

2. Blakemore Road Runner Crappie Lure

The roadrunner is an excellent crappie fish lure because it can catch a massive amount of fish per time. The Lure has various colors, shapes, and sizes to attract the crappie.

The roadrunner comes with an amply-sized hook that makes it easy to hook fish. You can fix a small runner at the head of the lure; this feature is what sets this jig apart from others.
The spinner of the Blakemore comes in the shiny willow leaf and the Indiana configurations.

3. The Rapala Floating Minnow

The Rapala floating minnow is fashioned out of basal wood, making it light. So, when using the Rapala to catch crappies, the baits have to be light.

The jig isn’t very ideal for catching crappies in large numbers. However, the lure

runs straight and will imitate a life-like wiggle.

Other note-worthy lures you might want to check out;

  • Bobby Garland Mo’Glow Crappie Lure.
  • Tube Lure.
  • Storm Wide Eye Swim Shade.
  • Crappie pro jighead.
  • Mepps BF5T Y Black Fury.

The Rapala floating minnow is fashioned out of basal wood, making it light. So, when using the Rapala to catch crappies, the baits have to be light.
The jig isn’t very ideal for catching crappies in large numbers. However, the lure runs straight and will imitate a life-like wiggle.

Other note-worthy lures you might want to check out;

  • Bobby Garland Mo’Glow Crappie Lure.
  • Tube Lure.
  • Storm Wide Eye Swim Shade.
  • Crappie pro jighead.
  • Mepps BF5T Y Black Fury.
  • Skippers Moon Jig.

How Does A Long Rod Help You Catch Crappie?

How Does A Long Rod Help You Catch Crappie

Every experienced fisherman knows that to catch different fishes, you would need different kinds of fishing rods. Some factors can determine the type of rod that you will use, such as factors like weather conditions, time of year, type of fish, the behavior of fish, etc.

Crappie rods are long for various reasons that will be discussed further down in this article; however, one of the primary and apparent reasons is for the reach. Crappie fish is easily spooked; a longer will help you to be able to bait the crappie from a distance. That alone is enough to answer the question of why are crappie rods so long. Other reasons why crappie rods are so long;

1. Silent approach

The Silent approach that the long rods needed to fish crappie are critical if you’re fishing from a kayak or a small boat. When crappie fish spawn during the spring season, they can be very jumpy and skittish.

If you’re approaching the fish via a kayak, it can be almost impossible to get very close to them without scaring them away. Crappie fish has excellent hearing, and they can feel the kayak vibration as it approaches. A long rod will help you not need to get too close.

2. Zero line slagging

During the spawning season of the Crappie catfish, they will usually stay in the shallow parts of the water, where there are a lot of weeds, rocks, stumps, etc. These obstacles will help protect their eggs.

However, the chances are high that if you cast your line there, it will be caught on one of the obstacles and will break. But, with a long rod, you don’t need to throw all your line into the water when you can throw only the bait and the top of the line and let the water carry it slowly towards the crappies.

3. Reach

A longer rod will give you a longer reach; that is obvious. When you cast a short rod, it takes more muscle and activity, which might cause disturbance in the water.

Long rods will significantly reduce the amount of activity needed to cast your line, causing the fishes not to run away.

What kind of rod do you use for crappie?

When it comes to crappie fishing, you need a long rod. Most people prefer to fish in the spring because the fish is abundant. However, they are also more skittish during these periods. There are certain things you should look out for in a great rod. Here are some quick picks for your consideration;


The Croix, over the years, keeps getting better and better and will probably do so for an extended period. The Croix is pricey, but if you’ve got the money to spend, this is a good choice.


It has a premium light feature, making it fast and perfect for fishes with paper mouths- like the crappie.

The Croix is well balanced, cushioned, and supple, giving it the features you’d ever need in a fishing rod. Casting is excellent with the Croix despite the lure you choose to use.

It has a quality cork finishing, meaning that even the most extensive hands can use it.


  • Great sensitivity.
  • Super light.
  • It has Beautiful, quality handlers.
  • It is straightforward to use.


  • It is rather costly.


The Bass Pro is an excellent choice for fishing crappie and small fish. The Bass Pro also gives excellent value for money.


The Bass Pro is ultra-light and, when cast, bends like a whip. That tells you just how light the Bass is. As much as the rod was made for smaller fishes, it has also helped up its own in bigger catches.

Like the Croix, the cork handles are big and spacious enough for any angler with big hands.


  • Great sensitivity.
  • It casts excellently.
  • Quality cork handles.
  • It is very affordable.


  • It doesn’t have a good guide on using fluorocarbon with the hook.


The Cabela spinning rod is excellent for anglers that are on a budget. But, the CABELA holds its own when put side by side against more expensive brands.

The casting is very impressive, and it also works with all sorts of lures. It comes with an excellent guide quality; you can rest assured that it does a great job in that department.


The Cabela, while it is excellent at catching small fishes like the crappie, the rod can also be used in catching bigger fishes. It has a strong cork handle designed just for that reason.


  • It has excellent quality handles.
  • It is perfect for crappie fishing.
  • It is susceptible.
  • It is very affordable.


  • It is not ultra-light.


This rod can be termed a dedicated crappie rod because its features are needed when catching crappie. It has a combination of length, power, and strength, making it an excellent choice for anglers who fish for only crappie.


The Cr-5 is also very strong, which means that although it can be used for crappie fishing, the Cr-5 will hold its own against bigger fishes.


  • It has excellent sensitivity.
  • It comes with beautiful handles.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It is ultra-light.
  • It can catch both big and small fish.


  • It is not a very versatile rod.


The Fenwick rods can be rightly referred to as a legendary fishing rods. The Fenwick is a very premium rod; if you’re going to spend money to buy this rod, then get ready to enjoy every bit of your money spent.


The rod boasts ultralight features. It comes packing punches in the length, power, and action department, making it an excellent choice for crappie fishing.

It casts perfectly well and bends very well without any problems. If you are a fan of well-finished handles and corks, then you are looking at the right product.


  • It has excellent casting.
  • It has well-made and quality handles.
  • The sensitivity is top-notch.
  • It is ultra-light.


  • It is costly.

With that few mentions, you should be spoilt for choice in the kind of rods you need to fish for crappie.

What is the advantage of a longer fishing rod?

What is the advantage of a longer fishing rod?

To catch crappie, it is now self-evident that you’d need long rods even up to 16ft in length. If you have read this far into this article, then you understand why it is essential for the rod to be extended.

What is the advantage of a longer fishing rod? Well, you see, longer rods will give additional reach. Longer rods will also make it easier for you to cast without disturbing the water too much.

Long fishing rods are also more comfortable and relaxing to use because, with them, you do not need to stand or wade too much into the water. You can decide to sit from a comfortable distance and enjoy your fishing activity.

Frequently Asked Question

Does the length of the fishing rod

Yes, in crappie fishing, length does matter.

How do you use long crappie rods?

long crappie rods are cast into the water gently, and the water carries the bait and lures till it gets to the school of crappie.

How deep should I fish for crappie?

Thankfully, you don’t need to fish deep to catch crappie. Crappie fish lives mostly in shallow waters.

Can a fishing rod be too long?

A fishing rod can be appropriate or inappropriate for different fishing conditions. Crappie Fishing will need long rods.


If you have ever pondered over the question, why are crappie rods so long? You now have all the answers you need. You’re free to purchase your favorite long crappie rod and go on an exciting fishing trip with your family and friends.

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